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  1. Living is scary. And not to live-fearfully.

    “A knight of faith is left to his own devices – that's the horror of it. The tragic hero may, in a certain sense, be helped to reach this point by experience, but the knight of faith is left to his own devices.”

  2. Do I need it?))))

    All you have to do is read a couple of his books to be able (!) to get a clear picture of someone's generalization and evaluate its strength in quality and quantity.

    I recommend it “Either-or” and “Philosophical crumbs”. “Diary of a Seducer” is also not bad, the simplest of the above.

    As for my humble opinion of Kierkegaard's talents, I can say that

    1) the author is very hot (in my classification he is “fire”, just like Byron or the Roerichs )

    2) in a compartment with p1, an assertive person thinks out the idea to the end, that is, conjugates the echo of several levels.

    3) he takes on interesting topics that he analyzes from a variety of positions. I particularly remember the comparison between the tragic hero and the King of Vera .

    4) reading this author will not leave without treasures. It was quite a good educational reading that kept me on my toes, which is already an education in itself, according to Herzen.

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