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  1. I will answer as a person who was impressed at one time by this little-known film and climbed up to look for something similar. And so. This movie is very cool and has almost no analogues. There are films made on a similar principle – with a small (usually) budget, in a minimum of locations, with an emphasis on dialogues “with meaning”. Here's what I found:

    Moon, My dinner with André, Sunset Limited, Coherence, Tape, Los cronocrímenes, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Сталкер, K-Pax, Pi, Primer, The Lost Room, Ex Machina, Birdman, Her, Waking life.

    They are not exactly the same (and some are not), but they are close in spirit. I hope you like something! I will be glad to hear other recommendations in the conversational chamber genre “to think about”.

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