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  1. Failure, and “always”? A very bold statement. Berdyaev, for example, wrote a whole book about the meaning of creativity. And he showed quite convincingly that freedom in creativity is the highest level of human development.

    Perhaps the question is what is meant by creativity. If you take it narrowly, as an act of art, this is one thing. But if you take it broadly, it becomes clear: the creative act covers all areas of being and is the creation of a new, read: unique.

    Creating a new one that was successful can never be a failure. In essence, it is an act of self-realization of a person. The highest manifestation of his will and abilities.

  2. Failure? I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    Creative people are needed everywhere and always. And in mathematics, and in music, and in literature, and in drawing.. Yes, even in some crafts.

    If you do it with love, soul, bring something new to it, your own, then you can already be considered a creative person.

    And if in the ordinary definition.. Creativity is an art form. Then many interesting things are born on the verge of mistakes and some well-known teachings. Tatyana Chernigovskaya tells a lot about this. You can easily find her YouTube channel.

  3. Why is failure, “luck” also involved in the process? And the meaning is physiologically determined, and only some species come up with some semantics for it, making it, in fact, meaning.
    A bird moves shiny shells in its nest, creating a super-stimulus for its visual cortex. Just like a person plucking strings for the auditory system.

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