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  1. He could only be born what he was born to be. Buddhists say (and I have no reason not to believe them) that birth depends on karma-that is, cause and effect. You can be born an ant if you are at the level of ant development. Since it is hard for me to imagine how you can degrade so much that you can fall from the level of a human to the level of an ant, I doubt that you will be able to do this in the next life (at least, I think, there must be some intermediate stages, since you are firmly on the path of degradation).

  2. Could I have been born an ant? – They could not because the “I” is not born, but becomes, that is, it is formed, brought up (including self-education), acquired by a person in the course of the implementation of his life. I am not the initial beginning of life as someone (for example, “ant”), but a synthetic result of self-realization on some empirical material of life (see my answer to https://thequestion.ru/questions/262310/pochemu-ya-eto-ya-kakova-byla-veroyatnost-togo-chto-ya-poyavlyus-na-svet-imenno-soboi-a-ne-kem-libo-drugim#)

  3. “You” could not have been born an ant, because for the formation of your ” I ” it is necessary not only to be born, but also to download a lot of “human” information into your developing and growing brain, and only in this case can you say that “I”was born.

    To assume, hypothetically, that you could have been born an ant, of course, it is possible, but in this case, it would have been born an ant not “you”, but some “ant”.

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