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  1. Children are at the beginning of life, that is:
    a) their consciousness will still become more complex, and therefore valuable (intelligence is the same, it increases over time), and adult crows have nowhere to develop
    b) children, unlike crows, have lived only a tiny part of their lives, they lose more
    It turns out that killing children is more immoral. As for sinfulness, look in the Bible. But I doubt that it says anything about the sinfulness of killing crows, much less about who is more sinful to kill.

  2. A person is an animal, and often acts like an animal, including for pleasure. If you want to kill me, don't kill me. There is always a choice between being an intelligent and enlightened animal with glasses, a suit and a tie, or an ordinary animal that just shot a crow or somehow killed it in another way, and not just a crow. You, me, and all of us are animals, no matter what we do or how “intelligent” we are.

  3. Dolphins, for example, and elephants are also hunted and consumed, and they are much smarter and more useful than crows. Don't worry, the raven population is not in danger, it's definitely not an endangered species. Nicholas II himself had fun shooting crows, about which he wrote in his diary and was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. Given this circumstance, I answer: the ROC does not consider it a terrible sin to kill crows.

  4. What kind of crazy question is that ? This is an animal, namely a bird, just who kills them ( hunter sadistforced situation), well , I don't see it any other way, and even then raven hunters don't hunt. You can also add dogs to the same question ? they're even smarter , but isn't it a pity to kill them ?

  5. I'm neither a theologian nor a philosopher, but I'll put in my forty kopecks. Kill a crow that doesn't interfere with you, doesn't do any harm, doesn't spread infection, doesn't threaten your life? What's next? Shoot a stray cat? Why not, the same dumb brute.

    On such a path, you can also walk to people.

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