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  1. Dialectical logic is one of the so-called informal logics, that is, a system of argumentation that is characteristic of natural language. One of the representatives is the British Stephen Toulmin (The Uses of Argument, 1958). More recently, there is a pragma-dialectic of the Dutch Frans van Emeren and Rob Grootendorst (for example,�A systematic theory of argumentation: The pragma-dialectical approach / Systematic theory of argumentation: pragma-dialectical approach, 2004). However, some, such as the German-American philosopher Nicholas Rescher, see dialectical logic rather formally (Dialectics / Dialectics, 1978), closer to the Hegelian and Marxist approach, which is also still alive, including in the West.

  2. Dialectical logic differs from formal logic in that it takes into account the laws of dialectics and philosophical concepts.

    So this is nonsense, not logic. Burman has covered the gist quite well:�ilyabirman.ru

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