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  1. Clarification of the question – the question considers two extremes-accidentally (meaninglessly and pointlessly) and design (Someone conceived and did as a person) – the second extreme is more productive than the first.

    The scientific golden mean-life emerged naturally and purposefully – as the highest form of development and improvement of matter, originally alive and intelligent.

  2. Not the idea, but the thesis of a graduate student-trainee. She worked here before me. An animal lover. Adjusted the temperature and humidity on your planet so that in a few tens of millions of years, your entire planet was filled with huge fat-assed monsters with bird brains. You called them dinosaurs afterwards. Well, they couldn't have become intelligent. They were living too well. I had to arrange for them to die out 65 million years ago, sending several asteroids to the planet. Well, there is already volcanic activity increased by several thousand years. The problem was solved. The graduate student was kicked out, and instead I was appointed inspector of the planet Earth.

    I worked exactly according to the protocol of Creating Intelligent Civilizations, and as a result, about a million years ago, your brain reached the right size. Then your first fire, your first churches, your first cities, your first atomic bombs. Just like people.

    Everything would be fine. But no. Graduate student again. But now out of your civilization. In 1967, Jocelyn Bell, a student at Cambridge, picked up my signals from our galactic relay and immediately recognized them as signals from the cosmic mind. The signals were named LGM-1 (Little Green Men). How did she know that we were green?, remained a mystery to us.

    There was a commotion in the Galactic Center. For some 100 thousand years, homo sapiens guessed the existence of a Galactic Community of Civilizations. It was necessary to quickly replace the repeater signals with pulsar signals from the telescope's field of view. We found a suitable one, turned the rotation axis, and changed the frequency to simulate our signals. �

    A graduate student won the Nobel Prize for discovering the pulsar PSR B1919+21. I was retired. I miss. Sometimes, using the galactic Ψ-field, I view TheQuestion (now Yandex Q) on your Internet.

    On this I say goodbye. Your LGM is 1.

  3. Apparently, life appeared as a result of chemical processes that can hardly be called accidental, because they had to happen (conditions on the young Earth “forced” them). Our Land just happened to be in that place at that time. In general, every 5th star has a planet located in the habitable zone (according to Stephen Hawking). But even if this is not the case and there are much fewer such “Earths”, then the universe is still huge and there will be a huge number of such planets in any case. And our galaxy does not stand out from other similar galaxies, just as the solar system does from other similar “solar” systems. And the concept of intelligent design in our time is simply not appropriate and not necessary (by the way, and the evidence does not particularly shine). The scientific community is quite deeply advanced in the study of the environment, and the answer to this question is that spontaneous generation of life is most likely.

  4. In short. I read it, they write a lot of nonsense. Yes. Randomness. The universe is so many years old that it is difficult for a person to understand it. At some point, the right opportunity came up and life appeared on the planet, and the further it went, the easier it became for it to develop

  5. What is discussed here is not life itself, but only the form it takes. The shell. And even among these shells, people consider only what exists on a time scale that is somehow comparable to themselves to be life. Or on a smaller scale. On a large scale, the word “life” is cheerfully applied, but only figuratively. At the same time, everything that humans deal with is a shell of life. All living things.

  6. There is an expression: “Randomness is a conscious necessity.The emergence of life, just fits under this concept. The complexity of the organization of the structure of matter from elementary particles to the most complex molecular compounds could not but lead to the emergence of life. The only question is what causes the complexity of the structure, organization, and then self-organization of matter. The feeling is that the development of the universe is subject to some algorithm, which basically contains the laws of mathematics and dialectics, “essentially objective and” existing outside of time and space.Perhaps our universe is not the only one, and there are countless other universes that develop according to other algorithms, of which there are also countless, and somewhere life is also possible.

  7. Take for example the smallest elementary “particles”. Jumping from one level of “rotation” to another, the “particle” either throws out a “piece of light” or absorbs it. It's always the same. So it is with us. We always sacrifice something and / or gain something by moving to another level. Life and “Non-life” are very conditional “two big differences”. For me, these are just stages of the same process. And by accident or by design? Humanity is not yet fully convinced. But we are in the process. Awareness of “design”. And the easiest way to judge is by analogy. Do elementary “particles” behave randomly? Then why does mathematics still exist? Even as a model, it works, although not always. One of the great ones (Einstein, Bohr, I don't remember) once said that the very existence of mathematics proves the existence of God. I'm not so great yet, but I like the idea too, even though I'm not a religious person. Or you can take a very simple humorous example of an analogy from “non-elementary particles”. Soon, as technology comedians say, AI will be created. Will it appear randomly? Or as a consequence of something? As part of some “Plan”? The answer to this question is purely humorous. Let's take one and a half tons of old-generation radio components, the latest microprocessors, promising nano-photon lotions, complex scrap metal, add electricity sources, a bunch of software, higher mathematics textbooks, and other “property”to the same place. We will load all this into a concrete mixer and turn it on for several million years at a constant or variable speed of rotation. Question: In how many million years will the concrete mixer produce a ready-made terminator? Will it come out of there by accident or by someone's idea? If you are fundamentally opposed to philosophical or mathematical humor, please do not read or comment on my answers. It doesn't make any sense. All the best.

  8. There are no accidents. There are misunderstood patterns. Chaos only creates chaos. There is nothing in it from which we can infer the origin of reason.
    Conscious efforts must be made to create a visible world ,maintain its order, and set the development vector. Even mathematically, the probability of a visible world emerging from chaos is zero, compared to an intelligent creation.

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