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  1. The meaning of Heraclitus ' sayings cannot be revealed twice. And you can't even do it once. Because it, this meaning, flows like everything else. One and the same utterance of Heraclitus we reveal and do not reveal, because the disclosers immediately come up with new meanings.

  2. There is no time, and being exists in the “now” state. “Just now” is present only in memory, and “then” in the imagination, and these are three different states of being. Moreover, memory and imaginations are considered to be a state of being with a huge stretch, because they do not reflect the whole given.

  3. What's so strange about that?

    Everything flows, everything changes.

    Just think about what plans you made for the past week in advance, and how many of them came true, how many times did you have to adjust them? And your hometown – is it exactly the same as when you were a child? And the country? What is your perception of what is happening in the world? Do you look the same as you did 10 years ago?

    About one river

    This is like a direct continuation of the first phrase-if everything changes, then the river can not be the same constant – even the waves in it are not the same, what can we say about changing the depth, current, channel, etc.You can not enter the same river twice.

  4. The truth is fluid, and the historical process is not always linear-sometimes everything repeats itself, but these repetitions still have some unique imprints/ Plus there is also such a component as Time, which also makes its own adjustments. For example, one and the same action, for example, sowing a seed in the soil-at different times will give different results, but it may not give a result at all, if you sow a seed in winter, for example – that is why the assessment of everything should also be lively, fluid, vital.

    Ecclesiastes also has a similar saying:

    5 He who keeps the commandment will experience no evil; the heart of a wise man knows both the time and the rule.
    6 For there is a time and a statute for every thing; but it is a great evil to man,
    7 that he does not know what will happen; and how it will happen, who will tell him?
    (Eccl. 8: 5-7)

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