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  1. which bread? What does it mean?

    also, because of the influence of Italian immigrants, they are very fond of focaccia, mufaleta and other varieties of soft bread with olive oil.

    in general, you understand. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/List_of_American_breads there are many of them.
    Similarly, you can also be asked about “your loaves”. do you like them? for sure, if they are produced, people eat them.

  2. Naturally, I like it. No one can force them to eat bad bread if there is an opportunity to buy good bread – there is no state monopoly, and producers of tasteless or low-quality products (from the point of view of buyers, of course) go bankrupt very quickly – no one simply buys anything from them. There is always an alternative in the form of more expensive organic products, there is competition among private bakeries from large factory-type bakeries to small types of freaks like the odious Russian Herman Sterligov, who grind flour with millstones and bake it over a campfire-for every taste and budget.

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