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  1. If we talk about gender as a social construct, then in the absence of a society (social insects and social animals are not suitable here, since their society is only conditionally a society and practically does not generate social phenomena) animals have no gender, and in the absence of gender, there is no transgenderism, which is a disorder of, ahem, attribution, may the experts forgive me for such a clumsy improvised term.

    Upd: However, Google gives out articles like this:


    but what is described in it, I would not call transgenderism, these are some biological features of gender, not gender, rather something akin to hermaphroditism.

  2. No, because there are no leftists among animals )) 0)

    Examples of hermaphrodite birds and matriarchal hyenas are not in the box office, because in the first case we are talking about non-fatal birth defects, in the second-about the peculiarities of intraspecific relationships.

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