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  1. Flight for most birds is a necessary necessity. Without flight, they can not get food, build a nest or escape from a predator.

    However, in such a diverse group as birds (about 10-11 thousand species!) you can find those who more or less prefer to use flight.

    For example, chicken-like birds are a vivid example of birds that do not like to fly, and do so only when absolutely necessary. On the other side are swallows, swifts, and hummingbirds, which spend most of their lives flying.

    You can also recall the raven birds that have a high level of intelligence. In ravens, at the beginning of the mating season, partners can observe aerial games in the air. Would they do them if they “didn't like flying”?;)

  2. Yes, they do. Not everyone can see this and fly, of course, in different ways, but more than once, for example, I had to see how crows play in the wind in flight, spreading their wings. There is no need for this. Only pleasure.

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