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  1. Our Christian Creed, its beginning:

    1. I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.�

    2. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages; Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten, uncreated, consubstantial with the Father, by Whom all things were.


  2. I can't vouch for others, but some analogies suggest themselves.

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made ” (John 1: 1-4).

    “And God said, Let there be light. And there was light.” Did the Word of God create light?.. “And God said, Let us make man…And God created man… ” Has the Word of God created man again?

    Further. “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father” (John 1: 14). That is, the Word came to our world in the image of Jesus Christ. Physically, it is Jesus, but spiritually, it is the Word that created all things. And the person as well.

  3. We know from the Bible that -, (, God is a spirit, invisible, energetic, spiritual Person-Genesis 1/2 – (- John 4/24)- – – (1 Corinthians 2/10-14)-(Acts 8/39) (Romans 8/9). We know that no one has ever seen God-(Deuteronomy 4/12, 15) (John 1/18 and 5/37)(Hebrews 11/27) (1 Timothy 1/17 and 6/16)). God,in the Bible, through the prophets, says about himself- ,,that He is one God and there is no other God,, – Deuteronomy 4/35,39 and 6/4 and 32/39)( 4 Samuel 19/15)( Isaiah 37/16 and 44/8 and 45/5,14,21 and 46/9 and 54/5 and 64/4)( John 5/44 and 17/3)( Romans 1/25 and 3/29,30 and 10/12 and 9/5)(Matthew 4/10)( Numbers 27/16)( Zechariah 9/1)( 1 Timothy 1/17 and 2/5 and 6/15,16). It is also said that God the Creator Father is the Creator of everything,including his son, Jesus. In the Bible, Jesus is the beginning, the first creation of God – (Proverbs 8/22-31 and 30/4) (Micah 5/2) (John 1/1, 2 and 5/26)( Romans 8/29)( Hebrews 1/6)(Colossians 1/6,15)( 1 John 2/13,14) (Revelation 3/14). Similarly, we know from the Bible that,, everything else that is in heaven and on earth, from the invisible to the visible,, – God created with the help of Jesus-Colossians 1/16-20) (Hebrews 1/1-3 and 2/10 and 4/3 and 11/3) (Matthew 28/18) (and 1 Corinthians 8/6) ( John 1/1-4-10 and 5/17 and 17/24). And yet, Jesus never said anywhere that he was God . ( Philippians 2/5-6-11- Jesus never thought of being equal to God-). So, God the Father created us with the help of Jesus

  4. Jesus is also the God Yahweh, who came to earth as a human being and died for our sins. This is basically one entity, and this is the essence of the Trinity in fact.

  5. They also believe in a snake that speaks, for example, and in a Jewish virgin who gave birth to God-Jesus. And that this Jewish God came to Earth specifically so that people would execute him, as a result of which the Jewish God himself redeemed the sins of people before himself by his death. What's not clear?))

  6. Yes, but what's so surprising about that ??? Christ is as much a God as God is one of his hypostases. The Holy Spirit is also God, one of his hypostases… God created everything , which means that Jesus also created everything… Learn the math part as my university teacher used to say …

  7. Jesus Christ, by his divine nature, created people and the whole world.

    Epistle to the Colossians

    on earth, the visible and the invisible: whether thrones,

    Whether it's dominion, superiors, or authorities, it's all for Them.

    and created for It;

    1:17. and He is above all things, and all things stand by Him.

  8. There are a lot of people who consider themselves Christians, but they don't know much about the Bible. Perhaps some of them may think that Jesus Christ is God and created them. But, as the Bible tells us, He was the very first of God's creations, and indeed participated in the creation of all things together with his Father as a “skilled craftsman” (Proverbs 8:12-31; Colossians 1:15-17). And, as an obedient son, he never attempted to be equal to the Creator God. And he always gave honor and glory to his Creator Father for everything,considering himself a performer.( John 14: 13,14). Now He is the heavenly King fulfilling God's task of saving humanity from the captivity of sin, leading a Christian congregation and guiding them from heaven. I hope you didn't mean to imply that humans are descended from apes?

  9. your terminology suggests that you don't understand much about what Christianity is and what Christians believe.
    Christians believe that their Father and Mother gave birth to them through certain rituals )
    And Christ brought light into their lives, revealed meaning, and guided them to the mountain. This is if quite simple.

  10. Please specify who told you this?

    It is written in the Bible that God the Father created people, and Jesus is only his son.

    One can argue for a long time about whether he is the son of God directly, or the same son of God as everyone else, but this is the first time I have heard that JESUS CREATED PEOPLE.

    One can argue about who was created first, man, or Christ, who was created before the beginning of beginnings… maybe before Lucifer, there was such an argument.

    Even if you look at the Torah, you can argue which god created people, Yahweh, Elohim, Sabaoth, Jehovah, Adonai, or Shadai… but there is no Christ in this squeak, just take my word for it.

    Which particular Christians believe this?

    Have we formed a new sect, Christ the Creator?

  11. In fact, Christians believe that they were created by the father of Jesus. Although if you read the Bible carefully, it turns out that Adam and Eve began to be fruitful and multiply, only after they ate the forbidden fruit that the Serpent tempted them with.

  12. Not so. Christians believe that everything that exists was created by God. Including humanity. But he was engaged in creation in the hypostasis, in the image, so to speak, of God the Father. This is exactly about creation. But the appearance of Christians is really more connected with God the son. Only in this hypostasis, God did not create Christians as new people physically. He created an idea, offered people new conditions, a new way of life, and showed them the way. And since man is created with free will, he can either accept this offer or not accept it. Thus, it turns out that God does not create Christians as such, but people themselves become them. But God created this opportunity.

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