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  1. What does it mean to really exist? There are absolutely no particles that are carriers of rights or carriers of legal interactions. The legal field is not physical. But at the same time, natural rights exist as a consensus of people about their existence.

    The question of whether such an existence is considered” real ” is rather linguistic – they definitely exist and definitely do not exist in the physical sense, but to consider or not to consider what exists non – physically as real is already a secondary one.

  2. If there is a God and a man in His image and likeness, then yes, there are natural human rights. If there is no God or man is not His image and likeness, then no, there are only those rights that are secured by a changeable balance of power. The concept of human rights originated in Christianity. Without it, it blurs and gradually turns into nothing. Into real nothingness.

  3. The realization in the life of society of the idea of “human rights”, which has been transformed into a legal dogma and is not balanced – neither morally nor legally – by the idea of “natural duties” inherent in every citizen, leads to nothing other than the inevitable degradation of public morals and morals. Read Dostoevsky – especially Demons and Crime and Punishment – and everything will fall into place. Killer Raskolnikov, tormented by the question ” am I a trembling creature or do I have the right?” – illustrates the above better than any deep, highly scientific reasoning.

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