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  1. It would be more accurate to formulate:”Why doesn't everyone live in affluence on our bountiful planet?” (Why rather – I explain at the end)

    Because we live irrationally:

    • Everyone wants to dominate: both people and countries. And who has more money has more opportunities to get more money;
    • We use natural resources irrationally: we produce unnecessary things (no one needs to change their smartphone once a year, this is an inflated demand) and do not care much about recycling plastic and other waste.;
    • A separate item related to the first two is the production of weapons. An incredible amount of money and resources is being spent on this, which has long been possible to end poverty all over the planet.

    In general, there is no global aspiration for universal prosperity, everyone pulls the blanket on themselves.

    Why aren't all people rich then?

    Strictly speaking, not everyone can be rich or, on the contrary, poor. Wealth and poverty are comparative concepts:

    • when we talk about poor countries, we mean that they are poorer than other countries;
    • within these countries, there are rich and poor, although the rich person there may be poorer than the average European;
    • if we are talking about several people with the same income, then you can only call them rich or poor by comparing them with someone else.

    As a result, “everyone is rich” is more correctly replaced by “everyone lives in prosperity“, if we are talking about an abundance of resources.

  2. Because some people want to subordinate the will of other people to themselves, and for some it is more convenient to obey than to take responsibility and be more active. And someone, simply, does not directly connect their happiness with material well-being. For the former, it is important to concentrate more resources in their hands in order to have power over others. Hence the distortions in material well-being.

  3. Well, it's not so plentiful now.And all people cannot be rich in any way,at least they would live in prosperity and that would be good.Again, the distribution of food on the planet is unfair, where the food is thrown out, and somewhere they are swollen with hunger.

  4. Because at birth, a part of the star system is projected onto the human Brain. which will control this person's life. You can say that when a person is born, they participate in a game of roulette. That pulled out, those life chances and has. And in order not to suffer from envy, you need to develop your Spiritual world.

  5. I am not a Jew to “Answer with a counter-question.” But here, in order not to delay with explanations, you will have to join the “chosen people” and ask:
    “Why is it that my People, who make up 100 million and live on 1/7 of the earth's unsubstantial and desolate surface, do not live better than the rest of the remaining 2 billion huddled together?
    There is only one reason, what is here, what is there.
    Greed and meanness!
    With respect.

  6. Throughout history, humanity has bred according to the laws of the wild: fill all ecological niches with a reserve. People were always born more than they could feed.

    The human population was regulated by the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    If War, Plague, and other accidental Deaths failed, then Famine came.

    Less than a hundred years ago, humanity began to regulate the birth rate consciously. And that is not yet all and not everywhere. By historical standards, only yesterday people stopped dying en masse from hunger. On the territory of our country, the last case was in 1947. This is an amazing achievement.

    By the standards of a century ago, we are fantastically rich. It's just that our needs are growing much faster.

  7. It's pretty simple. Despite the fact that annihilation of one kg of matter will give so much energy that it will last all people for years, we do not know how to annihilate it. We don't know how to extract energy. Somewhere there may be a pile of oil that no one uses. Although it would be possible to burn it and use the energy to meet their needs. And this is not to mention the very annihilation. But not everyone can do it.

  8. This is POLITICS.Explanations about purely material and economic interests are naive.Money has never ruled the world, for those who have more than a lot of it have different desires,more subtle than a stupid increase in capital.If anyone wants to understand the meaning of events – “Near is at the door” – the author is Sergiy Nilus. In this book, the protocols of the Elders of Zion are not conspiracy theories,but political plans of Freemasons.Now the word – Freemasons-looks naive, because war is the art of deception, and propaganda has dislocated many brains.

  9. There isn't enough for everyone. Stupid people, like monkeys, want to show off a beautiful life. Houses, cars, and appliances. A person will never say that he has had enough. Consuming and earning becomes a winner-take-all game. If you don't calm this herd down, they'll want to take over planets and galaxies. Therefore, it is necessary to slow them down. Suggest that reproduction has lost its former meaning. Switch from achievement and dream chasing to philosophical contemplation and ascetic modesty. A wise man needs a little. Bed and table, friend and neighbor. And most of all, experience and health. Refocus on the digital life of homo digital. And on the internal implementation. On personal development. Otherwise, the environment is in the red. Then there's the depletion of resources. Imagine a hundred billion dollars. It seems very much. Divide them into ten billion people. We got ten bucks apiece. Ask them how they'll spend it. They will eat and drink. These are mountains of garbage. A huge amount of wasted energy. Or they could spend it on science and technology development. But why do 99% of people need them? This is a barnyard, as Orwell used to say. Why do they need knowledge? Why progress? That's the trouble. There are too many people and they are too stupid.

  10. Fundamentally, there are two attitudes that drive people. Some believe that in order to eat something and acquire some benefits, you need to make your own personal efforts – work, thus making a result for yourself. And others believe that the easiest way to acquire goods is to take them away from those who create them. There is a conflict between these two attitudes from the very beginning of human history to the present day.

    Not everyone is rich, because those who want to live at someone else's expense are not always allowed to do so, and not all of them become rich, but remain poor aggressive lumpens, or on the contrary, sometimes they get lost in organized crime groups, call themselves “the state” and live very rich at someone else's expense, like the Golden Horde, or, for example, Putin's Russia. That's why the Lumpens are so much in favor of “unity” and hate independent people. One – on – one can't take anything away from a peasant, but a gang can. Moreover, they are so used to their parasitic philosophy that they have already forgotten about its origins and seriously consider themselves necessary for someone, and even “patriots”.

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