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  1. NO, we come to this World to decide for ourselves whether to suffer or rejoice. All this is our reaction, nothing more.

    If you like to suffer more, then you should look into the deeper processes of your psyche.

  2. What Are you!

    We come to this World to enjoy Life, but having birth distortions, we are forced to suffer.

    Look, parents wish us “good” by teaching us to be the first, comparing us with other children in the form of a lesson.

    And here we are already comparing ourselves and we will always see something wrong and here is our first suffering, and then there are our parents with their butter in the light, “you are not the first”!

    And then they will definitely show us our guilt, whether it exists or not – they will show us so that you know who is in charge.

    At the same time, there are VERY few parents who are willing to answer their children's questions.

    They especially don't want to answer questions related to their authority, for example, ” why should I know the story better than Vasya?” or “why should I run faster than Borya?”

    “We told you so” – the parents answer proudly, and the child sees violence, not reasonable explanations, and suffers again.

    Then school, institute, comparisons, judgments, envy, anger, arrogance, deceit, flattery,…

    And all this brings HUGE amounts of suffering, but one does not see the connection between envy and one's own suffering, anger and one's own suffering, judgment and one's own suffering…

    And suddenly he is lucky – everything works out for him, he got into the “jet”… expensive houses, cars, wine, girls… and the fear of losing it all.

    The more – the more and having everything a person continues to suffer.

    And now about your question – why suffer?

    And here's the dilemma :

    • first, to have something of this World and receive equal suffering;
    • first, to acquire inner peace, and then to receive what is worthy of your inner Peace from this World.

    The sooner a person understands that all his suffering is caused by his actions that are not consistent with the inner World, the less he will suffer.


    This does not mean that you don't need to do anything – do it, but:

    • don't be jealous;
    • don't lie;
    • don't be vain;
    • don't judge;
    • don't be lazy;
    • don't be angry… and so on!

    To the best of your abilities, of course, but train your internal forces, and the external ones will thus have less impact on you with their SUFFERING.

  3. We don't “come” here to suffer ! To this temporary material world (“nursery”) we settle only in order to realize the Freedom of Choice granted by the Creator: to be with the Lord and inherit the promised Life (out of time) and the Kingdom, or to be with His enemies and die an eternal death. And for the right choice, the Creator has provided us with everything we need – everyone can pick up the Scripture (coordinates of meanings) and find out why they are here and what awaits them. Or maybe not take it. – Free to choose – without this, you can not become a god – “Az said: you are gods”! The Creator knows who will choose which path, knows “our days” that we have not yet lived, but even” illegitimate children “are given the opportunity to find the Kingdom – so that in Eternity no one can accuse Him of” infringing ” His rights. “God is not mocked”! (reference: illnesses and sufferings are sent to many as the last opportunity to be Saved – “the sufferer stops sinning” and begins to feel Time as one of the” vectors ” of the universe)

  4. Don't listen to nonsense. We come to this world to live, and everyone can build their own life as they see fit. Masochists can suffer, but normal people can live and enjoy life.

  5. No. Suffering is a reminder of what we have lost and can return-Joy. Suffering is due to the fact that we are locked from birth into biology, under which we are bound to reproduce and consume. This is suffering, because it contradicts the Essence of Life. Step over the biology in yourself, through what is around it and We will be Happy.

  6. Let's assume yes. So what? Let's say that our entire biology is designed in this way – this does not solve anything at all and does not doom us to anything. We domesticated aggressive wolves and cut the branches of wild shrubs to suit our tastes. Humanity can change everything. Absolutely everything. We have the right to accept nothing.

    Think not as a servant, but as a conqueror. Our mind is a sword that cuts through fate itself and any predestination.

    If we are born to experience suffering, we will be reborn again with the help of reason. Physically kill the pain.

  7. Once I read Karakalpak legends about Omirbek.It's called Omirbek's Jokes.Almost complete plagiarism about Khoja Nasretdin.It says that the more hardships there are in this world,the more privileges there are in that world.The audience of such a sermon imagined how they would eat pilaf dishes in the next world, while they themselves choked on dry tortillas. They must have suffered.Maybe not.Everyone suffers in their own way and everyone tries to do everything to suffer as little as possible.
    In the Christian world, everyone has to suffer to get a pass to Heaven. Everything is in the hands of God or Allah, as the priests or mullahs say. Everything is in your hands, I tell you.The choice is yours alone.

  8. Yes, that's right!!! Outside the window Kaliyuga and suffer for a long time, souls, our energy should go full circle. On the other hand, most of it and the best part is already over, and what's left, on the scale of eternity, is ugh, you can stand on one foot!!!

  9. Really, someone has not understood it yet!!? … through suffering and pain we are saved, otherwise there is no way!… Death is heaven, and life is hell, and in hell there are eternal torments and sorrows, however, as in life…

  10. I really like one Bible promise:
    “And I heard a loud voice from heaven, saying, Lo, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them; they will be His people, and God himself will be with them, and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, no more weeping, no more crying, no more sickness; for the former things are past.”
    All those who strive for righteousness have such hope!

  11. We do not come here ourselves, we are systematically introduced here in the preparation of biological-phys. bodies, all according to the schedule of fate programs, and the timeline of the artificial world of Ra-external control of the puppeteers.

    Now, to understand the answer to the question, let's look at the word C_t_RA_DA-t itself. That is, Give RA. In other words, to lose the role by fate, and who and who you will be for Ra is not important. Religions imitate God under Ra, but religions, relationships and religions are Dependencies for consciousnesses and there suffering is suffering, that is, the completion of activities in the cultivation of the harvest-the harvest.That is, a reference to the battle-confrontation and the fulfillment of the law of life imitation in the artificial World of PARADISE. Life is an imitation of movement, and suffering is the strain of this movement, that is, a GAME.Therefore, nothing, no one ever remembers, if you deliberately do not leak the information to the puppeteers.

  12. Suffering teaches you to win and be stronger
    Suffering makes you experienced, mature, mature, and wise
    Suffering emphasizes the value of goods and knowledge
    Suffering teaches respect, love, patience, modesty, joy, understanding. And finally, happiness!

  13. Such questions have always worried people, and even the faithful servants of God, who seemed to know the Lord well. For example the prophet Habakkuk asked God,

    “How long, O Lord, will I cry out and You will not hear, cry out to You for violence and You will not save? Why do you allow me to see evil deeds and look at calamities? Plunder and violence are before me, and enmity rises and strife rises. Because of this, the law has lost its force, and there is no correct court.: just as the wicked prevails over the righteous, so perverse judgment takes place.”

    God did not blame him for such questions, but He was understanding and explained to him why it was so. And he understands you and wants you to know the truth and the answers to all your questions.

    What should I know if this comes from God as a test? In many religions, this is exactly what they say. But is it true that this is what the Bible says about God's Word?

    In a trial, let no one say, “God tests me,” because God cannot be tested by evil, and he himself does not test anyone by evil. (James 1: 13)

    So God never tests anyone with evil. Evil does not come from God. Then why does evil flourish? There are several reasons for this.

    First. The Bible says that the whole world lies in the power of the Evil One (1 John 5: 19). The ruler of this world, Satan the Devil, is very cruel. What he does is “deceive the whole inhabited earth” (Revelation 12: 9). Because of his influence, many people also become cruel, they adopt his evil qualities. This is one of the reasons why there are so many lies, hatred and violence and greed in the world.

    There are other reasons. After Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they ceased to be perfect and passed sin on to their descendants. Sin is another cause of unhappiness. Because people are sinful, they compete with each other, fight for power, fight and oppress each other (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9). This has a negative impact on the quality of life of the population.

    Misfortunes also occur because of “time and chance” (Ecclesiastes 9: 11). This means that a person can get into trouble just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, according to the Holy Scriptures, people have hope. Perhaps you will have a different set of questions?

  14. Suffering occurs only for one reason, because of human stupidity, anger, greed and other low-frequency vibrations. No one stops people from living happily. But no, people do not go to live in harmony, kindness and peace. As a result of war, violence, cruelty. As a result, everyone suffers. People don't have any external enemies. Just them

  15. A person is incarnated on Earth for spiritual development and perfection. On Earth, people have to suffer a lot. This would not have happened if in the distant past the Earth was not captured by dark entities who arrived on the Nibiru system. They feed on people's negative emotions-pain, anger, cruelty, murder, suffering, fear. So they organize wars, make people afraid on TV in movies, etc.

  16. The author of the question probably had something tragic happen in his life. I agree with the answer above that a lot depends on our perception. But sometimes a person is faced with a series of misfortunes (illness, natural disaster, war or some other accident) and the question involuntarily arises: Why did this happen to me and why now? This affects our sense of justice, which is why these questions arise.

    The answer to this question is contained in the Holy Scripture, the Creator's letter to people. In the book of Ecclesiastes, the third chapter, the twelfth and thirteenth verses say: “I have learned that there is nothing better for them (people) than to have fun and do good in their lives. And if a person eats and drinks, and sees what is good in all his work, then this is a gift from God.” The Creator wants life to bring joy to people.

    The creator wanted the life of the first two people to be perfect, he did not want them and their descendants to suffer. This is evident from Genesis, the first chapter, the twenty-eighth verse: And God blessed them, and God said to them:”Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that creeps on the earth.” It is said: “blessed”.

    The first man and woman did not appreciate the care of heavenly Father and decided to turn away from him. So they and all their future descendants were left without the protection of God . In the letter to the Romans, chapter five, verse fifteen, it is written: “Therefore, as sin entered into the world by one man, and death by sin, so death passed on to all men, because in him all sinned.”

    Just as humans do not have the ability to fly, they are not designed to live without God's guidance. This is confirmed by the book of Jeremiah, the tenth chapter, the twenty-third verse: “I know, Lord, that it is not in the will of man to go his way, that it is not in the power of him who goes to direct his steps.”

    Our Creator doesn't want us to suffer, he wants us to have as few problems in our lives as possible. This is stated in the book of Isaiah, the forty-eighth chapter, the eighteenth verse: “Oh, that you would hearken to My commandments! then your peace would be like a river, and your truth like the waves of the sea” The flow of the river never ends, and the peace in our hearts will never end.

    This is good news, because the Holy Scriptures contain the assurance that soon God will establish order on earth and people will live in peace and harmony under his protection. And people won't suffer any more.

  17. If you want, yes. But also. Our world doesn't exist. It's only in your skull. Our world is an illusion. Perhaps we are not on the best standard of living and our planet is like a prison to us. We each go through our own game in the matrix. And other worlds are probably better.. But it is very very difficult to get there. Until we pass the level here And manage, we will be born again on Earth… Who created a very good game. And the game goes according to his rules…

  18. To suffer or not to suffer is the question. Let's take the Bible, which begins with the story of the fall of the first people. What is it about? You will laugh – about the main question of philosophy: “What is primary?” Only you need to put it existentially: “What did you choose, human, from the two principles – power or reason?” Force, violence! And the first thing Adam did after that was to” know ” Eve, i.e., to rape her. And then Cain kills Abel and lays the foundation of a man-made civilization, the main vice of which is that it is built on power, and power is doomed to increase entropy. So begins the endless struggle of all with all for resources. What good and happiness can there be here? Nothing and never. One misery. There is only one way out – to re-choose as the beginning (Logos) the mind, which, as we know, is negentropic. This is what you need to build your life on, and for this you need to be reborn spiritually. And then change the world, where ontologically happiness will be possible.

  19. Suffering ensures a person's spiritual growth. It's like in Ancient China, students used to wind iron chains around their feet to develop jumping ability. And then they could jump over trees.

  20. Everything is planned by the Creator so that — in a series of many incarnations-to give the soul a variety of life situations, to learn-what is good and what is bad?… that the soul would want to escape from these sufferings and come on its way to God the Father (Creator), as did, for example, Jesus once (in the past as a human) and many other souls unknown to us (they are called Holy Spirits).
    God didn't create all of His Creation for us humans. But for My own sake. We humans are not self-existent. They are not objectively separated from God. On the contrary, we are in It, and our separateness from It is only our stupid illusion, which leads us to our troubles.
    We are completely under His control. He grazes us like His flock, sends us to grow and mature again and again in the” pastures ” of the Earth. Here, in interaction with others like ourselves and with objects of the material world, we acquire and strengthen certain of our qualities — good or bad. We must learn to see, hear, and obey our Shepherd and love Him. And someone learns it with joy, and someone tries to hide from It, pretends that It does not exist at all, but there is me! “Wo, how healthy, strong, and beautiful you are!
    Humble, kind, loving, intelligent-He brings up with affection and quickly brings them closer to Him, lets them in. The rest continue to be reincarnated and reincarnated into new bodies. And between incarnations, they live for a long time among similar souls — in those states of consciousness to which they were accustomed during their life on Earth.
    God continues to take care of us — until the “end of the world” — constantly reminding us of Himself through His Messiahs and prophets, through the holy books. It also shows us what it's like to be evil, deceitful, mean, lovers of other people's goods-it shows us people-criminals, ferocious animals… Through this, he wants to explain to us what it means to be in pain, fear, anger, and being robbed… “to teach you not to do it to others.” People call this the “law of karma” — the law of cause-and-effect relationships in our destinies. According to this principle, He will “beat” us until we are cleansed of our vices, until we become what He wants us to be — gentle, caring, altruistic, absolutely honest, without importance and arrogance, not capable of anger, violence. Violence-except to protect other people's good from someone else's evil violence.
    He is Love. To become part of It, or even close to It, we must also become Love.

    Based on: “Ecopsychology”, V. Antonov

  21. No. We come to this world to explore it as much as possible for us. And to learn to understand yourself and other people. Also as much as possible. About suffering: it begs the question ” why?”. And this is a very good question. Suffering, like nothing else, makes a person think. Makes you search for answers to questions.

  22. Is it possible to know suffering without experiencing pleasure, joy, bliss? The answer is obvious. We have everything in this world, a menu to choose from. Is it possible to remain in endless suffering? Here are some possible answers. I won't name all of them, just one. For example, feeling joy in suffering (see: Masochism). In this case, you can't close the door on the other side.

  23. This question, in my opinion, was perfectly answered by the writer Maxim Gorky in his great play “At the Bottom”: “Man is born for happiness!”…

    And only human stupidity can turn people's lives into hell.

  24. No…you are given a chance to live…and mostly in order to develop a strong conditioned reflex against the habit of living like idiots – just like that…

  25. The Bible The Book of the Prophet Isaiah


    “Behold, I have melted you, but not as silver;

    I have tried you in the furnace of suffering.”

    The Bible The Book of Job


    “But man is born to suffer like sparks,

    to rush up.”

    and other passages of Scripture tell us that a person comes into the world to find the Creator and Creator through suffering .

    And find peace with Him.

  26. So the soul must use repeated births to balance positive and negative “karmic patterns” through the elimination of egoistic and development of creative impulses. This leads to one of the most parodox conclusions: the necessity of seemingly “meaningless” suffering. Suffering can be called one of the engines of human spiritual progress.

  27. Both no and yes. We incarnate in order to gain the experience that we need in this particular incarnation. Sometimes we have to answer for mistakes that we made in past incarnations, which explains the suffering that we may experience in this life. Suffering is certain lessons that either need to be endured in order to move on to the next stage, or to understand what the lesson is, change your behavior/thinking/path and the suffering will end.

    Unfortunately, a person grows and develops mainly through pain. Through joy and singing unicorns, a person cannot grow, because he relaxes and loses any aspiration. But any suffering and pain can be, if not completely removed from life, then weakened for sure.

  28. This world does not stand still. Constantly moving, changing. Therefore, there is nothing permanent about it. In particular, there is no constant suffering. Just as the waves roll in on the shore, so happiness is replaced by suffering, and suffering is replaced by moments of happiness.

    Suffering is the result of the mind's activity. Suffering is like interference when searching for your favorite radio wave. When the mind is properly attuned to harmony with the outside world, then there is less suffering. When the mind fully reflects reality adequately, when there is not a single illusion in the mind, then there is no reason for suffering, worry.

    How to set up your mind correctly? We must try to give up hatred, addictions, and delusions. To abandon the consideration of one's own Self as something that really constantly and invariably exists. Personality is a process. A person changes all his life. Therefore, things that he considers pleasant, unpleasant and neutral also change. In childhood, we suffer from the fact that we don't get a toy. We grow up, and the toy is lying forgotten somewhere in the corner and does not cause any desires. And so — with any things. Your favorite radio wave always plays different music, not the same boring one.

    The moment that is happening now is important. The person from the past is no longer there. The man from the future isn't here yet. There is only the man of the present moment. And right now you can be happy. It is now possible to give up disturbing things, from everything that is the cause of problems. To do this, it is useful to ask yourself the question: what things in the world right now limit the freedom of my mind? What are some things that are superfluous, unnecessary, imposed by someone, harmful, that I drag along for some reason, when you can easily leave them and go light.

    It is important to try to adequately assess your strength, then there will be no reason for suffering. Useful question: can I do this or not? If I can't do it, then there's no need to worry about it, because worrying won't change anything for the better. If I can do something, somehow remove my own or other people's suffering, then there is nothing to worry about, you can just do it.

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