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  1. You, sliding on the fatness of your trolling, forgot to mention that the bad ones are those who made them castrates, and they are good not because of castration, but because of personal qualities.

    The humanistic pathos in the cycle is very strong.

  2. Of course it is. That is why the series of novels and TV shows should be banned. Because it is not tolerant, Negroes are offended. It is necessary to rewrite-reshoot, make sure that the main, the best, brave and positive characters would be Negroes, preferably gays. But what about Tolkien? In The Lord of the Rings, there are no Negroes at all. That is, following your logic, he does not consider them to be people at all. A terrible racist, worse than Hitler and kuklusklan. It is not possible to tolerate this lawlessness. All the world's literature needs to be criticized and reworked. Blacks and gays should become the main characters of the works.

  3. In fact, if you open the book instead of studying Martin on the TV show, you'll find that Blacks are in the minority among the Blameless

    Half of them were copper-skinned and had the almond-shaped eyes of Dothraki or Lhazarian, but she'd seen Free Cities, white-skinned Quartians, black Summer Islanders, and others whose origins she couldn't guess. Some of them had the same amber-colored skin as Kraznis, and the bristly red-and-black hair of the ancient Ghiscari who called themselves the sons of the harpy.

  4. It would be better if you read books, and did not climb on his biography, and then as a minor, without understanding it, you climb and ask stupid, childish, mentally disabled people questions!
    P.S. most of the blameless are not Negroes, but Meereenese, Guiscari, Yunkai

  5. Unfortunately, George Martin is somewhat of a racist (he made representatives of the Negroid race incapable of creating offspring). Eugenicist and / or xenophobe George Martin, I can't say because I haven't read his books.

  6. That is, you prefer not to notice the religious and racial anti-Semitism of Game of Thrones (the Valyrians are a fusion of images of two peoples-Jews-spiritual dominants, creators of the Abrahamic religions of monotheism; and the once great ancient Greeks-creators of democracy-populism-the idea of equal rights for all people of society/nation-to decide the fate of the country); ignore the swastikas/triskelions of the bloody Celts, on which the Nazis zigged, like the Anglo-Saxons. You ignore the subtle trolling of anti-Semitic Eugenists of the US film industry – like the golden zigzag of Jaime Lannister's upraised hand (the bearer of fascism will not become and this symbol of fascism is immortalized in the cinema, eternal as gold – this is the meaning), at the gates of the monotheist capital of the Lord of Light (Yahweh of the Fire of the Valyrians), pointing the crowd of spiritually”osemic humanity-the path to gehena of fire – to Gazenvagen of dragon flame and wild fire George Martin and the directors. The key phrases of the heroes “Burn them ALL!”, “Hell with them all!”, “Hodor” – “Keep the Door CLOSED!” – The door to the United States, Great Britain, Europe, the countries of the white race, before the hordes of emigrants of the poor peoples of the world speak about misanthropy. George Martin's philosophy of the world reeks of fascism. The message of peace – “EVERYTHING is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS! “and” An eye for an eye “of neo-pagans in the United States-as iudohristians destroyed the ancient pagan world with fire and sword, so George Martin takes revenge through his Celtic “elfovurdalakov” – Children of the Forest, waging a guerrilla war, mirroring the genocide of thousands of years of the Valyrian race and the spiritually enslaved humanity of Westeros/West and Essos/Eurasia. Castrati negroes are perfect, because they are cannon fodder and will not be able to mix with the white population of Westeros and give rise to a life like themselves, a horde of Dothraki from the books of the Mongols – and all of them are waiting for the genocide in Winterfell, the author initially led them to the slaughter to ridicule the ideals of democracy Daenerys – Valyrian – “Jewish”, Robb Stark – killed for loving the “chock”-Dornish, Stanis Baratheon, the eunuch Varys – who was framed by Tyrion-is a Child of the Forest, one of the many avatars of the collective mind of the Many – faced Werewolf God (and his name is Legion. Satan. The faceless ones lost their lives so easily because they were Children of the Forest, connected to the Enchant Trees, the servers of these werewolves that kept their minds safe. Skynet) and he drank the victim's soul, looking into his eyes. George Martin is an anti-Abrahamic. He takes biblical motives and defames them, dissects the image of the Savior of mankind and abuses them.: so divided into the King of the Night-the Revivalist of the dead, Jon Snow-the pacifist “turn the other cheek for a blow, cut off your penis and balls and give them to your sister”, and Theon Greyjoy, who was given the name of God, only to materialize the unattainable Yahweh through an avatar vessel and voodooically torture, perverting the circumcision rite of the Semites – in order to save the souls of the spiritually converted, in a pagan ritual of outraging the God of the Abrahamists, castrating Ramsay-Martin in his fantasies deprived the One God of power over the West of the Westerosi-Anglo-Saxons. Sansa Stark is the Virgin Mary, Jeanne Dark, whom Martin perversely rapes with the pleasure of a maniac in the person of Cersei's son, Ramsay, and hypocritically and pityingly listens to her lamentations in the person of Tyrion – one of the Avatars of the Many-Faced, a Child of the Forest, a race of symbiotic misanthropes of Nature ,who created these follies over her and humanity for THOUSANDS of YEARS.

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