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  1. This attribute allows us to understand that the object under study is called this way (or rather, it is exactly what it is). A property is something that allows us to understand what it is, this very object.

    So, the signs of a triangle are 1) a flat shape, 2) has three sides, 3) has 3 angles, and the properties-the sum of angles is 180 degrees, and then about the ratio of sides and angles.

  2. I think so. Properties are what is inherent in an object or phenomenon, regardless of whether someone is studying it or not. The property of blood is to clot. Or do not fold in case of any violation.�
    A feature is a value developed by a person in order to classify an object and fit it into the system. Blood does not clot, and the doctor automatically assumes a number of diseases that cause it based on this sign.
    I think you can explain it this way. This property is inherent initially. A feature is a link in a logical conclusion. The wording may sound the same.

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