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  1. Personally, I agree. If only simply because the search for this meaning has been bothering humanity since ancient times. In addition, approaching this issue subjectively, it turns out that everyone has their own meaning.

    Trying to understand the global meaning of existence is a waste of time. Perhaps the truth will be revealed to you, but so far no one has found an unambiguous answer. I also did not find it, although I once “drove”a lot about it. As a result, I came to the expression in your question. And no, it didn't let go, but life became easier.

    Please understand, I'm not trying to dissuade you. Moreover, I will be sincerely glad if you find it in both global and subjective meaning.

    Keep up to date. ))

  2. This expression smacks of a certain arrogance. To create a new meaning for yourself, you need to be on a par with the greatest prophets and sages of human history. Some of them lived very difficult lives, were persecuted, and some were even executed.

    If we talk about all sorts of homegrown attempts on the part of people who feel sorry for themselves all their lives in every sense, then here, as in that joke: “No matter how I collect, I still get a Kalashnikov rifle.” That is, they do not create anything new, but only thoughtlessly reproduce the options that have long dominated in modern society.

  3. You can't create a meaning, just a goal.

    Finding meaning is not an easy task, so many people prefer to come up with a surrogate one, but their own. Others, not finding it, begin complacently to claim its absence.

    You can't find meaning in textbooks or lectures, it's inside.

    To find meaning , you must first find yourself.

  4. The meaning you are looking for is by definition not mine. Obviously, meanings are what is given. And my meanings are what I attach to them (no matter for what reasons).

  5. The question is contradictory in its essence in that the one who creates and the one who is looking for the same person. How can you search for something if you haven't lost anything? Life is given to a person in order to live it, and not to solve it. Every person comes to this world to learn, improve and gain life experience. And they will change for the better. Each person decides for himself, precisely the very meaning of his life!!! I do not agree with this expression in the question, since a person did not lose anything in order to search for something, and he creates his own life himself and only himself. With respect.

  6. The main mistake in the search for the “meaning of life” is that at first they don't understand: what exactly are we looking for? To answer the question, it is necessary to state the essence of the question quite clearly. As with so many global philosophical questions, you should start with the question, not the answer. What we ask and what we would like to hear in response. What is the “meaning of life”? What does “search” and “create” mean in this context?

    “the meaning of life” is a set of some wishlist, the implementation of which a person devotes his free energy, time, resources (with the exception of a certain standard set for a given society)? Roughly speaking, what he spends extra (free) money on. (meaning money is not only in the literal sense). If you understand it this way , then there is nothing to philosophize about.

    You can also search for this set by trying one thing or another. In this sense, “search” and” create ” are almost synonymous. They differ only in whether a ready-made standard set of wishlist items is being searched for, or some original one is being assembled and tested.

    If you mean something else, and not just an individual set of wishlist, chosen by yourself or just thoughtlessly accepted from society – then we plunge into the philosophical fog. “the meaning of life” is not recognized as any wishlist, but only those that meet some philosophical views. For example, they have “benefits for society” (what benefits, for what society, what is a benefit…). Or a set of wishlist items that evoke respect…

    If we separate the “meaning of life” from the individual , then we are still a step into the philosophical fog. Society, social groups, are not individuals.

    Especially when it comes to humanity in general.

    In general, understanding the ” meaning of life “as a set of wishlist items that a person's” free ” resource is spent on gives a fairly clear understanding of what is at stake. In terms of humanity – as a certain average set of wishlist, on which people spend resources beyond those necessary for survival at a certain standard accepted level.

    And obviously, the answer here depends on what kind of society, at what stage of development and wealth it is.

    Well, attempts to put some moral prescriptions and assessments, general cosmic considerations into the “meaning of life” do not lead to anything other than vague philosophical chatter.

  7. We are entering a world that was not created by us.

    In a body that we didn't create

    And all that we have”our own” and what we are

    This is our life experience, our spirit, our attitude to this world.

    Once we are born and have received a body, we are overclocked and looking at those who have previously arrived in this world, we eagerly rush to “grab” the local material goods, often pushing and deceiving the same “grabbers” and some are so addicted to this that they give their whole life to it, and therefore come out of it empty-handed, like A. Makedonsky.

    But, some stop and start looking around, “Where am I?”

    “Who am I”, “Why am I” and Who and why created this world and me in this world?

    And then it starts….

    Will such people find the answer? They will find it undoubtedly.

    Just as our ancestors once stood on the ocean shore and looked into the distance and thought, ” What's next for the water?” and there was always someone who said: “there is no answer to this question and there will be no answer, get busy”, and someone was building a ship.

    Then they also looked at the stars and planets – ” What is there?” and they were also ” answered-it's pointless to think about it.”and someone drew drawings of the rocket.

    It's the same with your question about the meaning of life, someone answers, “it's pointless to think”, and someone is already analyzing the options, and someone will definitely find out the correct answer.

  8. I would correct the statement. “I don't look for meaning in life , but live with meaning.” That is, not a wish , but a fait accompli . Which then leads to

  9. That's right, it will be better and more effective and pleasant to achieve your goal, and the meaning of life is that you and your environment remain happy, successful and healthy

  10. Of course not in any case!!! For…what we are talking about should be without blemishes, then it makes sense to go to the meaning! Anything else won't do.Everything that is created by man always has a dirty and very sad mantle.So ipea has errors in itself! And it will create a clumsy meaning.

  11. Well, if someone has lost the meaning of life… then you can pick it up.

    But it is unlikely that someone else's meaning will suit the finder in shape, color, and size.

    Again, you need to do something in life – you can create something: my neighbor has traveled all over the Union, looking for something, but what is not visible…

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