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  1. I partially agree with this statement, but this is not a paradox at all. This is the evolution of human freedom.
    People have been forced to live socially for a long time, and everyone-both those who enjoyed it and those who didn't. For example, any cultural event involved gathering and company – until the 19th century, when popular literature spread and people could afford to read alone if they wanted. Then the same thing happened with other arts. Now a person can ignore people if they want to, and watch movies, listen to music, and do a thousand other things all by themselves. Extroverts were blown away by this turn and started trying to poison people: “Why are you sitting at home like a sucker?” “but it's no use.

    Further, we must take into account that the mass character of past hobbies is largely an illusion. Obviously, many people participated in something not because of their commitment to the idea, but simply because it is hype, a lot of people hang out and there are no alternatives. For example, it seems to me that the mass craze for rock culture since the 60s in the United States for many was just an excuse: to get together, drink, meet girls and guys, hang out, and the music itself was rather a pleasant background. And, if a young person wanted to be in the topic, he had to participate in it anyway.

    Now there is no such thing, there are no social and cultural authoritative phenomena, any hype is instantly ridiculed, not knowing something is considered normal, having your own unique taste is considered good.

    Do you understand? The current level of technological and social development gives everyone the right to freedom for the first time. The fact that many millions choose solitude is a great justice.

  2. At birth, “we have” a lot(most of us).This is the love of our �loved ones, family �is �first friends, such �same �little �and have not yet learned � to betray and deceive. As we grow up, we “learn” this, and so � We lose these connections. New “connections” are primarily about trust and openness. In today's “world” it is very difficult to “trust” and open up to anyone. �This right must be earned by both sides. And I need to earn it for someone who wants my friendship. �Something like that.But “I don't want to” and no one else does. � And so � for most �people .If you want something, you need to make an effort , you need to do something. Modern “singles” are waiting for “someone to present them with everything on a platter” and love and friendship . �But �this is a lottery, maybe �will fall out, or maybe never.

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