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  1. So you will look around, look around, listen to people's opinions, read the news.

    Gays, feminists, transgender people who have more rights than ordinary people; openly corrupt politicians who absolutely ignore society; ancient ukry, someone's Crimea; Pokemon in churches. offensive reposts; zekveshn-and that rolled down, now they want to introduce paid questions.

    The end of the world came in 2012, as expected.

  2. I do not mean by the end of the world the end of everything: the land of people, life; but the end of this old system and its replacement by another new system of things, which only God can do. I believe that everything will happen as described in the Bible: human evil will reach its climax and then God will intercede for “his people”. In Armageddon, the enemies of God will perish. This execution of the sentence applies only to the population of the earth, it does not apply to the entire universe. Our planet will not be destroyed, the Bible describes its continued prosperous existence-a Paradise and a happy humanity in it. (Rev 21: 3-5) As I read the Bible, I feel more and more confidence in it, and more and more faith in its author, the great Creator.

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