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  1. I do not believe. There might be a possibility, just like the pink crocosubels on Ganymede. But I don't understand why I should believe in all the croco-lovers that come into my head. As far as the probability of life repeating itself is concerned, it seems to me more likely than a repetition exactly in the infinite cosmos that life, which has a beginning and an end, repeats itself infinitely in a circle, if viewed from some true reality outside of time. But again, I don't understand why I should believe this when there are many other probabilities, such as that none of this exists and the world is as it seems.

    It makes sense to believe in what you really want, faith in what will calm your heart and fill your life with meaning. There were a lot of good things in my past, but there were also a lot of mistakes and a lot of shit that I don't want to repeat. And most importantly, my past was already there, we know what came out of it and why to repeat it. If it suddenly turns out that the world is so arranged that I live the same life many, many times, well, so be it, but specifically to want it, to believe in it… why? let it be something new that has never happened before.

  2. The probability of drowning here is out of place, because the very probability of the emergence of conditions on our planet that are sufficient for the emergence of living life is extremely small. However, it did happen. Therefore, no matter how small the probability, we are a living confirmation that this is possible. It is quite possible that at some point, due to excessive icing of the planet, almost all living life will be destroyed, only the smallest organisms near volcanoes will survive, where there will still be thermal activity, then the planet will warm up again and the development of life will begin anew. More than anything else in the world, life wants to exist, to continue. The smallest living organisms are extremely tenacious – they can live even where it would seem impossible. If you think that the meaning of your life is to buy a new iPhone, then you are deeply mistaken, the whole meaning of life is to continue living, and only in this.

    It is quite possible that the development of life will follow the same path as before, and as a result, people like us will appear again, create the Internet again and upload cats there (of course, cats will also be reborn, THANK GOD). Again, the probability of this is extremely small, but after all, our appearance here is initially akin to a miracle. Therefore, please enjoy every day, stop perceiving the existence of our planet and yourself as a common thing, close your browser, go outside and start telling everyone around you about the miracle of life, and let everyone start having unrestrained sex with each other, giving each other love and enjoying every second of their existence! It is possible that such a unique phenomenon will never happen again!

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