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  1. There is… That's what they're called … Although earlier the name was different, but in the end everything turned into just “philosophical notes”, since I did not come up with another definition. And then I accidentally Googled my own name and found this topic

  2. Too pathetic, perhaps.

    “During long trips as a child, I often looked at the clouds with the idea that they are the abode of angels, some kind of heavenly office that deals with the instructions of the Almighty. My imagination painted a funny picture: on each cloud, as if plump children with snow-white wings, created in the likeness of Eros, descended from Renaissance canvases, enthusiastically swarming in their modest corner, responsibly doing their work.

    Now, when I watch the sky, I feel a sense of loss, as if people were deprived of something frighteningly important, because beyond the horizon of everyday life, which is hidden behind these same clouds, where the fifth layer of the atmosphere is exhausted, lies the most unpleasant awareness-the awareness of fiction on the scale of an entire planet. lost between countless superclusters of galaxies, among things that don't fit within the boundaries of our minds, offended by existence, whose fact was invented by ourselves, who proved evolution, but did not prove that all this is not one big hoax, trying to extract the essence from Kant's critical philosophizing, but increasingly moving away from it, we are the very angels whose image so stubbornly stuck in my head.

    Through the years, the clouds from my childhood descended directly to earth to help me see God in those people who, when they look up at the sky, feel their location under the muzzle of inevitability, find strength and continue to live. Among those who don't raise their heads at all.”

  3. A small excerpt from my story, maybe someone will like it:”What was my friend's name?To begin with, I thought about what kind of concept is this in principle? The personification of something close, which is considered the norm for any normal person. But think about it, because there is so much invested in this definition that in fact simply does not exist. Sometimes it seems that it was invented by people who have a lot of “friends” in order to hide their loneliness. Many people call people friends as a sign of politeness, but is it polite to call a person something they are not? Nowadays, most people live and build relationships on mutual benefit, I'm not saying that there are no people left who do good for the sake of good, but think about how well you know your “friend”, what qualities he has and how he will behave in various life situations? And think of your friends at school, college, or work, what did you have in common, other than touching on small areas of your life, namely solving your problems, what was related to studying or work that needed to be done, could you just sit down with them and tell them everything that was on your mind? But at the same time, they were there for a reason, they helped you feel like something more than an unnecessary, inconspicuous little man. I've always found it difficult to find a friend, but I've never been able to explain what true friendship is. As for the question, his name was Savely.”

  4. Hide your emotions!

    A person who has nothing to hide always speaks with facts. Logic is his true fighting friend, rationality of arguments is his older brother.I have long begun to assimilate the network of these theses, however, full understanding, as usual, comes with the years.I won't go over the old hackneyed truths for a long time that a person is an emotional animal that becomes a person only when it turns on the mind.I will not mention the historical processes that led our ancestors from bat-infested caves to the light of the steppes and the greatness of the seas. I type this text with my fingers, which developed due to the need for fine hand motor skills, which appeared due to the rational desire of a person to do something with their own hands, process and turn, delighting and developing the mind.

    Emotionality is a branch of the animal in man. The nature of emotions has long been studied and this is clearly not a “Newtonian binomial”.Scare a calf and a human – you'll get the same patterns and mechanisms of responses.The emotionality of a drunken soldier and a doctor of science has a common origin, it is our common low that pulls us back to the furry and clawed smaller brothers.Singing emotionality is just as fun as singing odes to urination or the act of defecation. These inevitable processes are a tribute to our dark animal side.An alcoholic chopping with an axe in ecstasy because of a spilled glass of vodka of his korefan is exactly the same slave of emotions as an aristocrat, in immeasurable hatred, inflicts the tenth blow with a sword in the body of his enemy.Aggression is animal aggression.

    Therefore, one thing can be deduced from all the above platitudes:if someone tries to persuade you by appealing to emotions, this person is a fraud. Not necessarily he wants to fuck you with material nishtyakov, maybe it is enough for him to motivate your brain to something pleasing to him, maybe he just asserts himself on pliable meat, it happens that the “fraudster” does not understand what he is doing, shitting unconsciously,but the fact remains.Relying on the emotional, giving this part the priority of managing processes, you castrate the human in yourself. Progressive. Altruistic. Reasonable. Beautiful.The person who wants what's best for you and what's fair for the two of you is always telling the facts. A bad product is always sold emotionally.In normal interviews, the parties communicate in fact, and at the reception in the network marketing sect – with emotions (You are a leader, you will succeed, you will have a great future, just believe).The fact may be incorrect, false, but it is a “noble bad”.The place of emotions is in the pen that the Mind has drawn for them.Sometimes you can break into this ugly pen with a bottle of whiskey and two girls with bright eyes, and have a fun time.But in the morning, you're out of this pen, please crawl out. Battered, with a black eye, even with a clap – get out. .The lower classes of society are always emotional. They enter into marriages “for love” (actually under the influence of sex hormones), make deals on a wave of irrepressible optimism (and then pay off the loan for decades), go to prison because of actions committed under the dictates of emotions.Rationality is the lot of kings, to paraphrase a well-known proverb.Once you're feeling emotional outside of the pen, get ready to get down on all fours.Look at how the wolves snarl their mouths, you are now the same, the slave of the animal.Your emotions have taken over, you're a red-assed baboon who hoots at the opponent because of the female.You're a worm that crawls underground in fear.You're back in the starting position, your mind is out of alignment, you're off to the stable or you'll be hunted by Humans.And you'll buy what they tell you on TV.You will believe in the truths that the next hysterical woman will tell you.You will betray yourself, everyone, your own, for the sake of an explosion of emotions.You, sneering smiles of leggy models, fucks your new master-Marketing.You are on your knees in front of Propaganda and it is swaying majestically, irrumiruet you, and you try to smile at the corners of your lips, as if everything is your own and everything that happens is normal.

    You have betrayed humanity. You betrayed your ancestors, who cultivated the best in themselves.You betrayed evolution.You betrayed that particular tired man who, for the first time in history, picked up a rock and started cutting a splinter with it.

  5. When I sit alone with nothing to distract me from my thoughts, I begin to feel that life is meaningless. That if there is a God, he is not the good-natured man that religions make him out to be. No, God is a cynical observer who created the species of homo sapiens only for entertainment, launched a new Netflix series “Social Coexistence with the likes of the biological individual Homo sapiens”. I only study, I spend my life on useless knowledge in the future. In half a year of the Unified State Exam. Then the university, if you are lucky, there is also a study. A person learns all his life, and in the end he gets smarter and does not become smarter on purpose. Then a job, if you're lucky, maybe even a family, if someone needs such an empty person. And after the family, what to live for? All this is just a plan, not a point. What's the point, then? Sometimes I feel like I've lifted some kind of curtain and there should have been answers behind it, but there are only new questions. If I hadn't been so apathetic, I would have screamed in horror at what I saw, but somehow I don't care. Apparently, the realization of the meaninglessness of my existence led me to apathy. When I try to share it with people around me, they just say it's all nonsense and a waste of time. “Why shout when no one is listening?” How I wanted to be a naive Christian and believe that there is a better world beyond the grave and live for that world. It is better to have a wrong goal than to have no goal at all. My only regret is that I won't be able to see the expressions on the faces of my religious relatives when they realize that they've wasted their lives…

  6. Crowd

    Big, strong and impersonal, it is, in the form of a crowd in a minibus or a queue in a polyclinic, or even in the form of a line of soldiers, confronts you: weak and insignificant in comparison with the crowd, but a living person. The crowd often seems to be something inanimate, like a set of mannequins whose goal is to pass you by and play their role as extras.

    But it's made up of people who are all dreaming, thinking, and afraid of something: that man across from you is nervously checking his watch for fear of being late for work, and that girl is on her way to school to chew on the granite of science for another couple of years, just like you once did. And then you realize that all the people around you have their own inner world with their own affairs, goals and problems, that each of them lives and each of them scrolls something in his head, and maybe thinks of others as a bunch of extras in his life…

    And then you realize that there are about seven billion people in the world, and that every second three people are born who are also spiritually existing like you. It makes you shudder, in fact-the realization that your ” I ” ends outside of your head, can break this very head. But in addition to people, there are also animals, and the universe is always bigger than a morning minibus.

    Oddly enough, people have not yet died out from reflection and awareness of the absurdity of life, and every morning they meet the same creatures in the morning in a minibus. I do not know for sure and just unreasonably believe that our brain simply blocks the perception of a crowd of people as individuals, because it is much easier to live in a solipsistic world without thinking about a bunch of other people around. “Hi, this is you. Here is your mother, father, husband / wife and children, here are your friends and colleagues, and here is a bunch of impersonal extras around, just forget about them””
    And after all, they score the same! I won't lie, I don't feel grief for a bunch of people who died unfairly in terrorist attacks (just as an example), right up until I know more about them. But now I see video footage from the scene: black bags, ambulances and grieving relatives, and I also feel bad, because just in my inner world, just appeared, these people died.

    Of course, this is cynical, but in most cases we are nothing to each other. A person lives little, finds a couple of the most important people in their life, and dies without causing grief to another person in the house across the street.

    Finally, a little story, as I was driving in a car at night in Ufa and saw a bunch of cars, each of which was driven by the same Person. Someone drove alone and raced under a hundred, someone slowly drove home, talking with his wife and children in the car… A bunch of cars, each of which had its own “I” and its own world. I was very sad at that moment, it seemed that I was just disappearing. At that moment, I realized that I was part of the Crowd.

    I also wrote a rather weak text that was published in the donor search group.

  7. Located in order of decreasing adequacy. as soon as it starts to seem that everything is really bad-stop reading, it won't get any better.
    1)Someday, people will breed super-resistant, unkillable cockroaches that can live on Pluto, on asteroids, and at thousandth temperatures. They'll populate them, say, on Mercury and watch them. And a meteorite from the Almighty will fly to the heads of mankind with the voice of heaven: “You have completed your work on the arrangement of the universe, you have given life to a more perfect species. Well done, you can disperse” And there will be an Explosion. And there will be a local Apocalypse. And the cockroaches will survive.

    2) The answer to: “It would be cool if the eye color changed depending on the mood)) with the current pace of development of the bionic industry, such an option can soon be implemented in the human eye).” Please do not take it seriously, this is just an exaggerated assumption, just for the sake of discussion:
    Cool? Are you sure?” Would it be cool not to be able to hide your feelings when you need to? For years, train to lie without a drop of guilt or fear, and live in the eternal “don't be afraid. Can they smell your fear?” Is it cool when your body doesn't obey and gives the opposition your insecurities in important negotiations? How cool is it when you look at a beggar and know that the pity in your eyes is mixed with disgust and contempt, and it is visible to everyone? Cool, a child with disabilities from childhood sees despair and irritation in the eyes of even the most competent teachers? When gradually everyone who does not have eyes-detectors due to their profession or something else, is met with alienation and wariness. When you have to put up with the exact knowledge that that unlucky fat guy you know loves you with all his heart and never stoops to baseness, when your handsome boyfriend doesn't give a damn, you infuriate him. Then you know all the initial ones, hate yourself for this choice, and can't justify yourself with a delusion. There are no misconceptions. There are no lies. And to live without lies, you need to keep the truth from making you want to die.

    3) About love and herring. “Demanding vows of love isn't just naive, it's stupid. They're idiotic. A person coming to the market for herring does not resent “Sign the contract…What? You don't give me guarantees of eternal freshness? I won't waste my time on frivolous deals! It, herring, should remain fresh (almost live) in any case, at any time, and regardless of how and how much I will store it. For if I buy it, it will be My Herring, and it is none of your business how I treat it. But you must officially guarantee its safety to me! Won't you? “fraudster!” Is the analogy clear?
    And all the objections “Love is not a herring” are not accepted. Still, yes, not herring, but there are no fundamentally significant differences (except for the shelf life, material things spoil a little faster). If someone thinks that there is, I suggest that you think about what is real and what is dictated by stereotypes, propaganda, habits and the mainstream. If you do not raise love “to the rank of greatness” out of habit, will it even be worthy of it? Will it stand out and excite more than the rest? Will its safety be fundamental when it has lived out its term and brought all that it could bring? And will this worry be worth it for future preservation? Here”�

    4) the most inadequate moments are cut out, so soryan, if the logic is missing, it was there, chesslovo.
    “Indifference is an agreement to accept not an ideal state of affairs. Imperfection in everything-in people, situations, thoughts, actions, events. Death is not an ideal state of affairs. People are indifferent to death, they do not treat it, but put up with it. I am not afraid of death, but the explanation that it is not necessary to be afraid of it, “because it is inevitable” – always seemed to me stupid. I'm not afraid just because it's not beautiful to be afraid at all. Otherwise…it's like agreeing to something not out of generosity, but out of not being asked at all. Allow things that don't depend on you. This is only meant as a joke. You can't honestly think that way. Weakly. Stupidly. Ugly.
    And no one tells the people that death is just a disease without a cure. Why it is rather an exception and a disease, and so it is clear * was written for a biologist who shares such views. just assume that you also understand*. They don't speak because they are afraid of being judged. They will tell you, they will explain everything, but later, when they find treatment. Until then, they will remain silent, because humanity, realizing death as a disease, will not put up with it. Therefore, it is surrounded by hundreds of taboos and rituals. That's why they don't talk about it. That's why they're afraid of her – she's the problem of our race. A mistake that they won't recognize until they can fix it. And they won't be able to until they talk about it, until billions of people realize the problem exists. Billions live with outdated concepts, just as they were taught. Billions don't want drugs – they don't see the disease. Billions are happy as it is, because prospects are hidden from them. Prospects of life, for it is immortality that should be called life. Perhaps the smartest people are now studying the organization of ants ' lives because they don't understand or believe in the need for a cure for death. A vicious circle. There is no remedy, for no one is looking for it; no one is looking for it, for there is no remedy, and it is not right to upset the people with its necessity.
    What would happen to the world if humanity reigned supreme at a time when humanity was not able to cure the plague? “no, we won't burn down the village. The sick are also people, and they will live as long as they want. As much as the disease will allow them ” I will say that-our world would not exist. Now we have become more educated. We know how to treat diseases, but then it was necessary, and this “cruelty” was justified. But here's the big problem: humanity as a whole hasn't gotten any smarter. Just as then, if it were the will of the patient's relatives, they would have left him next to them, so here, if the people had the power – they would have allowed the short-lived, with deviations in genes, not only to live, but also to give offspring. And they do.
    This will seem like heresy to posterity. Stupidity. Suicide and a prerequisite for regression. But it seems familiar to us, because we have democracy and humanism. In our country, these peasants, fearing not the plague and the extinction of entire cities, but the death of a beloved relative, were given power and the right to speak. Our officials want money and power so badly that they buy off the people with the right to decide what the average crowd is unable to decide. “yes, we will ban abortions and euthanasia, but don't take away our power and money,” and the people agree. He wants to play. He wants to live. He doesn't care about descendants and prospects. He is simply afraid of being “the weak one” who will be thrown off the cliff before he reaches adulthood. He is afraid to part with a weak but beloved person. By the way, he is also afraid because of prejudice and propaganda of free love. Free love is bad, but I'm not talking about gay people. I'm talking about loving just like that. Not for something, but in spite of it. I want to howl, ” Think about the future. Think of humanity. Please. ” They do not see the mistake of loving the weak because it is promoted. Tough, peremptory. As is the right of the weak to procreate. Everyone's right to life. Do you remember “give the mute his word”? There are the lines ” … Say that there is no death! Give a fool hope, give a penny to the king. Don't remember the past…to any freak – family!” I'll just quote. And what happens if at least not everyone reproduces in a row? What? Will hundreds of possible talents die? Good people won't be born? No, gradually, the percentage of talents will recover. Not the quantity, but the percentage. And that's not a bad thing. People will live longer. They will be smarter. They will not create garbage because of their own, dear to their heart and invented by their ancestors toy-humanism. Now humanity is not threatened by anything but itself, so it's time to stop “fighting for survival” and increase demographics. It seems to them that this planet is for people, and there should be nothing else besides them. It seems that 7 billion people is normal. Normal humanism is to protect people from themselves. Humanism could be a boon not for man, but for humanity. “

  8. Excerpt:
    How can you prove that you are sad? Do you have a photo? It is high time to recognize that without the presence of a multimedia representation of data, there is nowhere, of course, when it is not a shame for them and when it is appropriate to show them. It is only important to understand the line between the “Saved Images” folder and the corporate style, although sometimes the former should also be considered as a layout.
    Link to the entire �text:�https://goo.gl/kLJQcG

  9. “Any person is a Creator, and one who bears such a proud title should not stoop to any pizdostradaniya, whether it is suffering from a cunt or suffering from a pussy.

  10. Please :)!

    A rough thought is like a thrown stone, it leads to nothing but short-term release, pain and noise. Her enticing pleasure is overshadowing her refusal to accept the burden of consequences. Crude thought is careless, it knows neither its birth nor its demise, and, consequently, its dearness.

    Ever since humanity started shooting bullets, we have endured the hardships of deafness.

  11. I didn't share my own idea, but someone else's. I was shocked by the conclusion of the English court, everyone there is really a judge-this is the highest point of a lawyer's career.

    While answering one of the questions in�thequestion, I came across a court case about cannibalism. In this case, the judge made the following conclusion:”It is a human duty to preserve one's life as a whole, but the most obvious and highest duty may be to sacrifice it. War is full of cases in which a man's duty is not to live, but to die. In the event of a shipwreck, it is the duty of the captain to the crew, of the crew to the passengers, of the soldiers to the women and children; this duty imposes on men the moral necessity not of preserving their lives, but of sacrificing them…”

    Full answer here:

    If I find myself a survivor on a desert island with my companion and eat him to satisfy my hunger, will I be judged for it if saved?

  12. Of course there is. I rarely flaunt my thoughts, but sometimes something happens that makes me “burst” like pipes in the spring. Here's one of those impulsive notes. Something, but it definitely brought me satisfaction:�

    “In the evening, I often think about poison.

    A very long time ago, I read a clever idea somewhere: instead of giving a person all sorts of meaningless gifts for coming of age, parents should give a newly minted member of society a bottle of poison as a symbol that the whole life is in the hands of a person. This would symbolize that we are free to do with our lives as we want, and even in the most important issues, such as life or death, the choice is entirely up to us. This would mean that we are all poisoned – we die long and painfully from life, from the very moment we are born, as if we were poisoned by a long and strong poison from the very moment we were born. This would show everyone how limited time is and that death is following everyone around, not as a scary ephemeral monster, but as a given and a logical outcome that should not be scary. No one would waste their time on something that was useless. Anyone could end their existence at any time. Death would be a conscious choice and a part of each individual's freedom.

    That's what I'm getting at – modern society has to beg for the right to die. Death, despite all its naturalness, still remains something terrible and “wrong” in the minds of people. The right to euthanasia, even in the most developed countries, still has to be confirmed with a lot of documents and certificates, but this is not the most important thing. The main thing is to be able to find a doctor who can inject first sleeping pills into your vein, and then poison. Just, it would seem, the procedure is extremely simple and unpretentious. It's not even murder. Everything is legal. All by consent. But, nevertheless, it is extremely difficult to find a doctor who would agree to perform the procedure. Supporters of Orthodox Christianity argue about euthanasia and declare it murder here in Russia. Patients with incurable diseases, writhing in pain, meanwhile, beg for mercy, which for them in this case is only one-death. If mercy does not come, then you have to do everything with your own hands, using medieval painful methods-hanging, opening veins, drowning, jumping off a bridge, poisoning with household chemicals-there are many ways and they are all painful.

    Suicide is frowned upon by society as a weakness. I will say that this is not a weakness, but a conscious step. The weakness is that death is still feared and not given to those who accept it. Weakness in herd censure and ridicule. In contrast, there is nothing weak about the choice.

    The freedom to choose death, in turn, gives you the freedom to live, not to exist, while time passes unnoticed through your fingers. Remembering and accepting death brings awareness.

    Memento mori, as they say, gentlemen and ladies.”

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