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  1. Strange question. And why not believe it? Now I sometimes think that it would be better if I believed in God, then it would be easier for me in some moments, I could just think that I will be rewarded, or ask for something and hope for fulfillment. But here we come to the point that at other times I might have said, “Well, it's probably because God wants it that way, there's nothing you can do about it,” and thus quit something. So it turns out that it is harmful to believe.

    However, it may be easier for some people to live with God.

    And belief in God can give rise to such terrible religions or understandings of normal religions that adherents will infringe on the basic rights of other people, while considering themselves right, considering that they save their victims (after the second * * * the most interesting thing: meduza.io)

    So I think

  2. Yes. The purpose of God's creation of mankind was originally to believe and pray to Him alone.

    However, faith helps a lot in life. I used it myself more than once. The strongest antidepressant. There is a goal where to go. There is confidence and calmness.

  3. No. Faith is certainly an important component of life, but it is better to believe in people. For example, the fact that your children will achieve great success, thus you will fully support them and give them an increased incentive to achieve their goals. Believe in God? As for me, this is just a method of neuro-linguistic programming. You believe that believing in God gives you more good moments than bad ones, and you perceive bad moments as the machinations of the devil, trying to ignore them at least

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