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  1. I think that the ability to enjoy life may depend on a penetrating sense of insight and the ability to notice the good. This is akin to a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything we deal with, encounter, observe, and participate in.

    For example, you just look at a branch that sways in the wind and see the dance of the air that plays with the branch. You imagine the processes that caused a change in pressure in the air cavities and they made the branch dance, but it does not resist. Isn't that wonderful? And someone will look at a branch and see bird droppings and start talking about poultry farming and exclaim “this is what I was looking for”, and another will not notice anything at all and will pass by. And such a person may also not notice and pass by many amazing, pleasant, beautiful, amazing things and remain grumpy, dissatisfied.

    I can call the enjoyment of life not rapid consumption, but rather the ability to notice, to participate with your attention in what is observed, in feelings, this ability to admire the unusual, the ability to feel gratitude, a sense of beauty even at the sight of someone's gait, or the sight of children frolicking, or what a beautiful whirlpool of events the observer has fallen into all this beauty, Not spitting life, tasteless absorbing and spitting out, craving everything new, but really can be imbued with if not every, but many moments.

    I can only do this when I accept life and thank it wholeheartedly for what it has been given to me.

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