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  1. THIS KNOWLEDGE, if properly interpreted and understood, provides an element of a correct worldview and worldview.

    THE EXACT MEANING of this phrase is that the knowledge of any person is microscopically small in comparison with the complete Knowledge of the whole Truth. This is a very serious scientific fact with very serious scientific implications and consequences.

  2. “To know” means to perceive something, and “knowledge” is the expression of it. And the fact that knowledge is not knowledge is given through seeing.” In an imperfect world, nothing can be perfect. “To know that you don't know—is greatness, Not to know that you don't know—is disease. To be free from disease is to know that disease is a disease; therefore the sage is free from disease.”Lao Tzu. When a person knows himself from within, then he understands that his knowledge is ignorance. This is not the highest wisdom, but it is self-knowledge. Personally, I can say for myself that I know,that I don't know anything. It comes late, when a person can understand it. With respect.

  3. Yes, this is a wise attitude to life. It allows you not to get conceited and stay simple, no matter what heights you achieve. And to remain a person in any situation is the most important thing that this life position can give.

  4. I know I don't know anything. Even if I begin to understand something here, I don't understand anything else.Every day I realize that what I know is so insignificant! And I want to know everything and be able to… But this is not possible..And no matter how much I understand and learn , it will all go with me. My knowledge is only needed by me – others need something else. I don't know about higher wisdom. Everyone has it, as well as ideas about the world, about happiness-its own.

  5. The search for questions and answers gives a sense of the limitlessness of this area of Knowledge, the more questions, the more answers.


    .. each new answer generates many new unanswered questions.

    This creates a sense of limitlessness and your inability to know EVERYTHING.

    Therefore, knowledgeable people answer frankly that they do not know anything, since there are many more questions than answers to them.

    So they can't say what they know.

  6. This knowledge gives you a more correct view of yourself,and a wider ability to try your hand.Ignoring presentability, commercialism, and profit.Well, the ability to search for the most important things in earthly existence…real removal of parentheses in every sense.This is just a personal view! No more than that.

  7. I don't know (ha!) if my answer will suit you, but in my profession, the further I understand,the more obvious it becomes how much more lies ahead. Things have become more complex, revealing many details that were previously inaccessible to understanding.

  8. When I try to formulate some “knowledge”, I realize that this is just a “game of the mind”. I feel free. Including-the freedom to search-to create “own” knowledge, meanings for each given moment. It is an endless happiness to reflect while turning the magic kaleidoscope of Akasha.

    The more natural – the wiser. It is natural to strive for Good, avoiding evil, using it as an incentive. For more information, see the articles “Meaning Management”, “Dobrouchenie” and others https://proza.ru/avtor/dobrod

  9. Of course, there is a Higher wisdom or Superintelligence, otherwise where would our intelligence come from? scientific explanations for those who can't think for themselves! do we pass on knowledge in sources that are easy to fake? therefore, we are waiting for the genius to throw off his sandals, and then we will pick up the shoes! I mean geniuses not steelworkers! I communicate with the Supermind, and I know more than you do, but the questions are getting bigger and bigger! We are very stupid, because no one cares What It says to me? Why are you uncomfortable with me and not with you? We are selfish! Do you think I would say that God is an altruist? No! But when It hugs you and says: What a stupid Seryoga you are! And these embraces of the Creator are nothing to compare with! They have so much love in them that I'm not afraid of death anymore! How the world works, explains, and when I die-does not say, only jokes: Be patient, not long left! Take my word for it, communicating with God is Terrible! Better study his messages! Today my day begins with the thought: Happiness is to know that It exists! You don't know it, so you'll always be looking for it! Good luck with that!

  10. A person has certain knowledge and understanding of what else they can learn. It is like two circles, where the second is larger than the first and is a kind of horizon to which the mind aspires. When a person believes that he knows everything, he does not try to get more and understand in more detail, but bends his own line. Naturally, such stagnation will not lead to anything good, because in our time public opinion has weight and when a crowd of fools can influence what they do not understand, it can lead to sad consequences. As for me, I am well aware that I do not know much and this gives me an impetus and a desire to understand different aspects of life.
    As for the higher wisdom, it is quite real. Once upon a time there was a person who just tried to figure out why everything happens this way, and not otherwise, and was able to understand the essence of things. Others saw his wisdom and decided that if they followed his actions exactly, they would become the same. Over time, they even made a religion out of it, which doesn't really help them advance in wisdom, but it's still better than nothing. It is difficult to explain what is the highest wisdom. Imagine two people quarreling. When you try to reconcile them, you try to listen to their opinions and understand them, and you go deeper and deeper, bringing to the surface hidden motives and desires, and eventually coming to the conclusion that they are just people with their vices, desires, aspirations and fears. The ultimate wisdom is the ability to see the entire chain from beginning to end.

  11. I understand you are referring to the famous phrase “I know I know nothing” that Plato attributes to Socrates. Democritus expanded this phrase somewhat: “I only know that I don't know anything, but others don't know that either.” Your question is: is there a higher wisdom in ignorance? Absolutely! It is impossible to know the whole world. And those who try to prove that they know everything, it looks frankly ridiculous. It's more beautiful to admit that I know I don't know anything.�

    About wisdom, I can't help but share an anecdote:

    Here's a brick flying at you. To see its flight is Perception, to understand that if it hits, it will hurt-this is Wisdom, to estimate the trajectory and location of the hit – this is Intelligence, to dodge a brick – this is Dexterity, and to cover the thrower in a highly artistic way – this is Charisma. And if the brick still fell on your head-then this is Fate.

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