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  1. Let's start by saying that we don't really know about the evolution of thought. Consciousness, free will, intelligence, and materiality are still not fundamental parts of science. We know matter, its composition, properties, and the laws by which it changes. So far, “dark matter” remains a mystery to science, so the mental world of thoughts, whatever it is, is not excluded.

  2. Matter has always been, is now, and will always be. Matter is eternal and infinite. There is nothing in the world but moving and evolving matter. The world of thoughts and consciousness is a product of highly organized matter, in particular, human society. It is possible that there are other thinking intelligent beings, other civilizations in the universe.

  3. IN the BEGINNING, there was living thinking-minimally developed matter – already capable of further development and developed thinking.

    Absolutely dead matter (garbage dump) is incapable of evolution, development and thinking in principle.

    EVOLUTION, as a property of matter, means and proves the presence of all the minimal properties/qualities-living thinking matter.

  4. Matter is an objectively existing reality. If the mind (human, divine, or any other) can influence matter, organize, and create order, it means that it exists objectively, that is, it is material.

    The entire structure of the universe, including mind, matter, and energy, is described in one ancient book, but I don't specifically mention the author, so as not to stray from the essence:

    • “If there is one, then there are two; if there are two, then there is infinity.”
  5. To ask the question of how the world came into being while sitting inside this world is a complete absurdity. If the world came into being, then it came into being or was created in another or from another world. But the content and laws of that world are unknown to us, and therefore we cannot answer the question of the origin of our world.

    The only possibility of this is possible only if we are not part of this world, but only temporarily identify with it, for example, with the physical body and its consciousness. Then, having disidentified with such an avatar, we can realize that we are part of another world, in which our current one may have been created or originated. But this does not mean that that world is necessarily external to ours, like a matryoshka doll. The relationship of worlds can be much more complex than we think based on the ideas of our world.

  6. The question immediately arises, what is primary? Matter or consciousness? The highest postulate for the believer is GOD, that is, CONSCIOUSNESS is PRIMARY! The incarnation of God in the cosmos is the SUPREME creative MIND, infinite in its development, animating all cosmic forces, living and “non-living” nature. MATTER is secondary and is a product of the activity of the HIGHER MIND. The development of MATTER takes place under the control of a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE. A human is also a product of BP's activities and is a biorobot working according to a specially developed program. The soul is the performer of this program.

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