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  1. I realize that there is not a single part of me that remains unchanged and eternal. I consist of a set of processes. Something appears, something disappears. Every new moment, a certain sum of results is formed, which can be conditionally combined into Y. In the next instant, a new Self appears.

    I realize that there is no part of me that is not dependent on something else. All my parts exist in interdependence with the phenomena of the external world. So I see myself as a moving part of the world. So I try to move in harmony with the outside world.

    I realize that my body and my mind are interdependent. Mind changes body, body changes mind. I become a different Self if my body and mind change. I don't think it is necessary to have such a body for the existence of the mind, but I realize that with another material carrier of the mind, I will be different, not equal to the present.

    I realize that the mind is naturally free, so it can construct any thought, whether it is adequate to reality or an illusion. Therefore, I try to compare my conclusions with the observations of the external world, so that there is no discrepancy between the illusory representation and the real world.

  2. Watch the 5 episodes of “Brain with David Eagleman”, where they try to explain everything in simple language in great detail. In the second episode, we will discuss that when the ” I ” falls asleep, the body and brain continue to function at the same frequencies, and when you fall into deep sleep, the brain works even more intensively. In the morning, you come back again. David tries to determine who we are in our body, in our head.

  3. A person has a set of things that he considers his own, and without which he practically cannot live: clothes, shoes, kitchen and other tools, glasses, pen, jewelry, many have artificial parts implanted in the body, etc. Of course, no one will say that all of the above is him, although there are some crazy people who will claim this, fight for them and give their lives.

    Already from the age of 35-40, a person realizes that his biological body is something that fulfills his desires, makes thoughts, desires, internal images and much more visible to everyone. The body draws, writes, works, speaks, hugs, etc. realizing our desires, plans and everything that we have thought up. Our body is not me, it is the executor of my desires. I am not blood, not kidneys, not stomach, etc., because if you lose a finger, arm, leg or other organ, a person remains the same. He is of course insanely sorry for the lost, but the essence of a person does not change one iota. Therefore the body is not me.

    But even your desires, the reader, your thoughts, your hobbies, your worldview change over time, you forget them, change your views, etc. It turns out that the whole inner world of a person is also not him. So, what is the human self?

    I am the center of myself. The center of a person is a completely unshakable, unchangeable part of a person, and at the same time a completely elusive, unknown, very mobile part of a person, without which, in principle, he cannot live. Such a center disappears and the person disappears, and the body becomes a corpse.

    The purpose of our earthly life is to connect our immobile and unchangeable center with the imperceptibly mobile self

  4. I have never heard of this before, but I have never felt anything like this in my experience, since I am the most practical person.

    What is most integral and alive is the soul and the feeling of self-awareness, when you know who you are and how to best express yourself.

    The whole depth and vastness of this phenomenon can be expressed as follows: you feel as if you have become a bird and can soar among the clouds

  5. It is interesting to look at this question from the other side.

    Do you realize that your body is built out of an indescribable amount of information by this main, whole and alive, which is more Self than body?

    Do your Ego know the laws by which the body will build up, organize external information, develop from the moment of conception? Can you influence these laws before birth? Or after birth? Or some time after birth?

    What influences the formation of the body to a greater extent – the genes of the parents, external factors, or the Soul's own desire/memory?

    How do changes in your core Self affect what your body will look like?

    How does the separation of consciousness from the subconscious occur, and isn't the subconscious a kind of filter against the introduction of unnecessary or even harmful information into the consciousness?

    Why doesn't my deep Self want to affect the other's visible self by changing the body when the consciousness wants it?

    Why is consciousness so contradictory in different periods, and the body is inert and the bulk of the impact on it leads to deformities and diseases (and only physical education with proper nutrition leads to beauty and health)??

    Sometimes, when I think about the Soul, I find so many questions that the surrounding world ceases to interest me….. but this is probably not very correct, so I try to live mainly here and now.

  6. It is possible to give an answer in the words of the Bible:

    The Bible.

    “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed it in.

    the breath of life was in his nostrils, and man became a living soul.” Genesis.2,7

    “..what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but the soul does not

    won't it hurt?

    Or what ransom will a man give for his soul? “

    The Gospel of Mark 8-36, 37

    The soul is the eternal self, but without the physical shell that is eternal.

    “My God! You brought my soul out of hell and gave me life, so that I might be saved.

    didn't get off in

    the grave.” The Psalm.29,4

  7. I think I am my brain. The body exists to serve it.The senses are used to gather information, the legs are used to move, the hands are used to manipulate, and the internal organs supply him with everything necessary to maintain life.

  8. This is not a difficult question and I will try to answer it. Our body is made up of cells ,each cell has a memory and reproduces a similar one.Our cells are updated daily and continuously.When a person knows his “I”, he becomes a “Buddha” and if he has achieved this, he does not ask questions. HE is the truth itself!!! With respect.

  9. This is a philosophical question, and philosophy is a fairly flexible science. First, something that is inseparable from the body cannot be said not to belong to it.

    Secondly, it is alive and whole, must be amenable to qualitative or quantitative measurement, otherwise it will remain at the level of subjective sensations, and sensations are an unreliable source of knowledge.

    Third, if this substance does not belong to the physical body, where is its source and where does it go at death?

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