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  1. Now, for example, philosophers have been left to solve the ” difficult problem of consciousness.” And there's no end in sight. If someone suddenly decides, he will be the same level of thinker. And that's just one problem. And they still have to be dragged, both old ones that are full of old teeth, and new ones. You still have a chance to prove yourself, soldier.

  2. Your question is based on the fact that philosophy is an applied science that follows the path of accumulating empirical knowledge, such as anatomy: “we already know so much about human anatomy, is there anything else we can learn about it?”

    Philosophy (as well as mathematics) is a universal operating system for any field of human cognition: only mathematics abstracts knowledge in numbers, and philosophy-in words and concepts. Of independent value, as a “thing in itself” )), �neither one nor the other has-only as a means of studying history, psychology, physics, etc.

    And the operating system can be developed / improved, in principle, to infinity.

  3. The modern world, with the development of artificial intelligence and new technologies, poses new questions to philosophers that cannot be solved with ready-made stamps, otherwise another banal “philosophy of technology”will turn out. Therefore, if philosophers do not manage to reach the level of Aristotle or Descartes, they will have to become at least somewhat comparable to them, in terms of ingenuity and the ability to cover, for example, blockchain, bioinformatics or self-developing information systems with an abstract mind.

  4. Not everything that is possible has been studied. But it is quite possible that everything that could be studied by the apparatus of philosophy.

    Once upon a time, philosophy was the only science that had the whole world as its subject. Then came the specialized sciences, each with a separate subject and its own specialized method. They have gone much further. Many have grown to be predictive.

    For the classical philosophical method of observation and reasoning, there were fewer and fewer areas of application. Have they come to naught? Is there anything left but the history of philosophy? It's hard to say.

    But many sciences have matured to their own specialized philosophy. The philosophy of physics, for example, is an extremely important and rapidly developing discipline. But it requires an excellent knowledge of physics to a much greater extent than classical philosophy.

  5. No, I don't think so. Philosophy is not a pitcher but a bottomless well, and each new milestone only opens up a new aquifer. And great thinkers are great in many ways as pioneers and not as the ultimate truth.

  6. At the end of the 19th century, the most prominent scientists on the planet lamented that physics had discovered everything that could be discovered, and subsequent generations of scientists would only have to carry a comma in constants.

    So what happened? Dialectic covers everything. And knowledge comes first. Modern philosophers have not yet entered the first of the doors that lead to the knowledge of the world and are at a level other than the materialistic worldview.

    Cognition is an endless process. There are a great many vacancies at the level of Descartes, Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle ahead….

  7. Rather, just the opposite. And most importantly – how to make philosophy useful for life, and not for philosophers. Everything will be studied when philosophy gives the answer to the question of how to become happy.

  8. PHILOSOPHY has studied only a microscopic part of all complete scientific knowledge.

    Any modern person can become a thinker of the Descartes or Hobbes level (and so on and so forth) – with the right education.

    So many talented people can go very far beyond all the great philosophers of the past-with the right education.

    ANECDOTE – ” the less a person knows, the more dizzy he gets from imaginary successes.”

    The GREAT SOCRATES said, ” I know I don't know anything…”

  9. Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and therefore it will continue to exist as long as this notorious love lives. Moreover, philosophy is a person's worldview, without which, as without reflection, a person cannot exist. Will he be a genius? It depends on the person, although you should not particularly strive for this, since it was the brilliant philosophers who were unhappy in their fate. Mediocre people tend to be intolerant of geniuses because they don't say what others say. And this is alarming. However, see for yourself.

  10. All these men are just the heralds of puppeteers, through which they deliberately merge fornication for the mind of the chela and I understand very well. So comparing with the dependence on religions, rough conservatism, closed in the bank of the mind (type o trash can at the computer), philosophy is mobile as a snake, a twirl and can not only sting, but also sting for a long time. Time takes its toll and novelty flows into it and philosophy is transformed and the flow of information is updated, easily and without compulsion. In a word, fornication is so deceptive and everything seems to be trying in a circle, but the puppeteers let it spiral. It's like a circle, but without a beginning or end, well, just an eternity of deception and not for nothing, survivability is out of kaka. What can not be said about religions, it is difficult for them to move in time, the puppeteers have to strain them.

    As for thinkers, it's so simple, they give us technologies in logic, they sing songs into the microphone to phonograms, what is easier, use and live in motion, in the mind at first, and then with your elbows, and you can not only at times, so that the world does not get up, eternal standing in the mind of people, NOT ALLOWED LUXURY.

  11. Maybe, but only after a couple of centuries.�

    Our “time” has given and “will give the world many good philosophers, many of whom” most have not yet ” heard of. Good philosophical works are usually written in times of political and social change in society. This is exactly the time we are currently experiencing, global changes that have only just begun. Centuries will pass, the foam from many philosophical “works” written in our centuries will settle, and great names and “great” works will remain in the light.

    So if you have �something to say to the world ,пишите write. But �not rely on the recognition and fame during his lifetime, �contemporaries �because �big �competition will be tough to recognize some of them a genius �in life, so �as everyone considers a genius myself.

    Your descendants will evaluate your “works”, they will choose the geniuses of our time.

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