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  1. THE PRESENCE of free will-makes you THINK and DEVELOP comprehensively. Nature has not implemented this in humans for nothing.

    LACK of free will – when all your decisions are made for you, even optimal decisions for you-is a path of all-round degradation.

    IN PART, the lack of free will occurs (occurs) in cases where a person relies on someone else's ready-made bitter experience and avoids dangerous mistakes. This frees up energy and time to make effective decisions on other and new life tasks.

  2. If there is no free will, life turns into a meaningless farce and loses its meaning. There is no development, everything is predictable. But it is not only possible, but also necessary, to deprive criminals of their free will. They interfere with the free life of others.

  3. Quote from someone out there: The Atlantean had a choice, he could throw the sky at people. In fact, the Atlantean had no choice, he only had the awareness of the possibility of choice.

  4. What is free will in general? In the absence of a causal relationship between your decisions and the terms of their adoption(indeterminism)? – Yes, this way you are certainly not burdened with circumstances, but you will not always be able to make a choice according to your interests, since it is not conditioned by anything and is absolutely random, as if you made any of your decisions based on the results of a coin toss (only with a result that does not depend on the laws of physics). In this case, it turns out that not all of your decisions would correspond to your interests. Here I hate lettuce pepper, and if I were given the choice of eating a salad with lettuce pepper or tomatoes every day under the described conditions of “free will”, I would often choose pepper and choke on it. What's so good about it?

    Determinism offers a way out: your decisions strictly depend on many factors (including your preferences, which, of course, also depend on a lot of factors) and in this sense – they are predetermined, and you only reproduce them. But the beauty is that you are not so perfect as to calculate in advance your decision, the conditions and consequences of their adoption – the illusion of intrigue in the course of your life remains, you do not feel any restrictions, because you believe that this is exactly your choice. At the same time, each of your decisions in the short term is absolutely the most acceptable for you, since it directly depends on your preferences and current needs at that time.

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