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  1. This, fortunately, is not an absolute statement. If your goal is to eat Viennese waffles in the morning and you arrange a shootout in the city center for this – then clearly no, it does not justify it. If your goal is to save a million people, and you need to sacrifice two volunteers for this, then clearly yes, it justifies it. And between such radically understandable (and for this reason exaggerated) examples lies the whole gamut of real and fictional scenarios with varying degrees of clarity. And each case should be evaluated separately.

  2. The statement about this expression was described by various philosophers, the Bible, and so on. My personal opinion is that the goal should not be at the expense of others, and the funds raised for achievements, whether material or material, should not be spent in vain. The main thing is that the person who invested these funds in his goal should be morally satisfied and encouraged by this very achievement.

  3. I believe that the means justify the end, but not the other way around. Because the goal is already formed from what exists, and the goal as such is a mental abstraction,

  4. To answer the question, you need to have an idea of�

    what are the goals and what are the means?.�

    For example, a desperate lover of the lesser brothers rushes onto a “busy” highway in order to save a kitten�

    A worthy goal.?�

    But what are the means?�

    As a means, the speed, agility and strength of the human body, the will and enterprise of the human mind, which calculated its capabilities before the approaching danger – the rushing bus-were used.�

    And like the funds are not bad?))�

    But what is the result?�

    we will omit the dramatic lyrics and screeching brakes, �and the driver's face distorted by unexpected emotion as he turns the steering wheel in the hope of avoiding a collision with a human body and the flashing lights of ambulances..�

    In the dry balance

    “Saved kitten”, отдел escaped with a slight fright and an abrasion on the knee of a clever savior and..�

    And replenishment of the morgue with the corpses of 42 bus passengers..


  5. Rather not so.

    Goals are ALWAYS accompanied by means. The moral coloring of means, as well as of ends, is a thing that changes both in time and in space. You can morally color the funds in accordance with the opinion of the majority, and then the means will become “justified”, or choose the side of the minority and the means will become “not justified”.

  6. In the original, the phrase has a different meaning, but now it is deliberately distorted to justify it.

    Original: “If the end is salvation of the soul, then the end justifies the means.”

    The authorship of this phrase belongs to the founder of the Jesuit Order Ignatius de Loyola.

  7. I believe that the ends can justify the means as long as there is no human cost involved. Dostoevsky has everything very correctly stated on this subject. And the history of the XX century confirms all this.

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