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  1. Of course, there is a choice, at least formally. However, in the end, when making a decision, you will be guided by your life experience, tastes, preferences and the current state of affairs.�

    That is, there is an exhaustive list of objectively existing factors that will ultimately determine what decision you make. This means that despite the fact that you have several options, if you had the opportunity to create identical parallel realities and observe your decision in all – in each case, the choice would fall on the same option, since it is the only possible consequence of the totality of circumstances with which you approached the decision.

  2. The choice exists.

    1. At any given moment, we have the opportunity to perform quite a lot of actions.�

    2. Each time we perform a specific action, not all possible actions at the same time.

    Let's check it out? There are many opportunities ahead of you right now. Much more than I know. But I can guess at least a few things that you might be able to do in a given time frame. You can reply to me in a comment, give my answer a plus or minus sign, or don't react to it externally. The latter is not an action, but it proves that you are free to either take the action or not take it. Multiple actions can be performed at once. But they can't be performed simultaneously, but only in order. That is, again, there may be several options for performing actions one after the other. You can perform only one sequence of actions, but you can choose it yourself.

  3. What choice are we talking about? If we talk about the choice in general, then yes, of course there is. You make choices every day when you get out of bed and go to work/school, when you decide whether to have breakfast or not, when you choose a new pair of jeans. A person's choice determines the movement of their life. Some choices change your life less, some more. Of course, there is another aspect of the choice-the external influence that your friends, parents, your own interests, the surrounding social environment and much, much more have, but with a strong desire, all these factors can still be overcome and make a choice in spite of them, although the results may not be very positive, but you still have a choice.�

    At one time, my parents urged me to study in different cities, my mother in one, my father in another. Both had their pros and cons. I had a choice and I made it – I went to study in a third city.�

    Your choice, regardless of external factors of influence, is always yours, which is why you can direct your life exactly in the direction you want.

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