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  1. Of course not!

    If we take the modern, our human body, then it is not eternal by itself, not even in terms of aging and dying, various diseases such as arthritis, blood pressure and other things. We don't even have a rubber memory, and by the time you're 70, you'll have completely forgotten the past. Again, the brain, even the strongest and most powerful, closer to 130 years you will be pleased with insanity. What is it for? But even if they find a way to keep your body in shape, like a 23-year-old, and somehow bypass the problems of brain wear – would you like to spend your whole life studying in the 5th grade? Year after year.

    In the concepts of reincarnation, our life is like a rung on a ladder. If during your life you have not done something good, you have not fulfilled your purpose – you do not go further, but remain on the same step, do you need it? It's a boring monotony…

    Just like the eternal immortality of the soul in one place (be it heaven or hell), it is also not the best prospect. And in general, everything that they say “eternal” should be treated with suspicion, which is really there…

  2. In any case, even in eternal sleep, immortality is better than the process of dying.. in the comment below, there is a certain misconception, namely-the brain's non-wearability is not its static nature.. it will develop and form new neural connections.. wear and tear, on the contrary, destroys connections.. so immortality is not the eternal 5th grade of school, but limitless spaces for self-knowledge and knowledge of the world..

  3. A person's personality is his soul, and it is immortal. Does a person need it? Of course, since it was established by God himself, who does not do evil. After the Last Judgment, God will purify all souls, destroy evil and hell, and give all souls immortal bodies.

  4. Read the Epic of Helgamesh 🙂 this Babylonian epic can be found in any library, because once this question is raised by the hero and the gods, and in general there is a lot of things that were later included in the Bible in the Old Testament, as if the ancient Jews plagiarized directly from there

  5. You need it. Not to your neighbor on the landing. I don't care. There is only “here and now”. You will ask yourself: “Do I want to live forever?”..

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