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  1. Of course, there is! And there are many of them. Moreover, every age of a woman is beautiful! At a young age, men's heads are turned by her beauty, girlish purity and her, with a slight flair, naivete! In middle age, a woman is wise in life experience, self-control, lack of naivety and, almost always, has an intriguing personality, mystery! In middle age, a woman knows how to appreciate herself, is a little arrogant, smart and allows herself to be admired. Only she makes the decision. In adulthood, a woman is almost impossible to surprise. Her motherly instincts and kindness to others are awakened again. The desire for care and guardianship! And all these ages of a woman unite her with that unique sexuality characteristic of every age when a woman is loved, adored and desired! And there are no limits to her age alone!

  2. Hello Nadezhda.This is a good and interesting question.I will try not to be clever and answer succinctly and briefly.The inner age of a woman's soul does not always coincide with the age of her body,and,on the contrary,this also applies to men, by the way.Sincerely, Alexander.

  3. Nowadays, many issues are treated rather darkly, but everyone knows for sure how old women are, and this is called “painted by fate”. Perhaps there are some points where men sometimes say things that are not what they really think, but they change a lot so that we don't have to worry about trying to understand their lifestyle and thoughts. Recently, a female manager I saw in the office came into the chat and, during a discussion with colleagues, casually mentioned that she had once been married. So she's still pretty much in the juice. Once I went to the editorial office where a very talented and beautiful employee worked, she was sitting at her computer and pretended to be completely occupied with work . Here's what I told her about myself when I was alone with her: “You know, you're beautiful when you're at the computer, and you're also very smart when you're working with text. But I really don't think your thoughts work the way you think they do. You're always thinking things like, ” What will your husband say?””She didn't say anything, just looked at me. I knew she didn't believe me, but she pretended to know I was serious and answered: “You're so funny. What do you even know about women's psychology? ” — ” I don't understand your psychology. I'm talking about exactly how you think. You really have everything written all over your face. Do you want me to tell you everything about you?” She smiled and nodded her head. I said: “Have you ever kissed a man?” “Not at all. Why do I need it?” I said, ” You should. You don't recognize yourself. It's inside you. There are some men who really like you. And there are some that you don't like. As if not those and not others.” She laughed and waved her hand, then went to the computer. She had already opened it, but suddenly stopped, turned to me, put on a serious face and said :” I beg you, don't tell me anything more. I'm serious. I don't know what's been happening to me lately. Our conversations don't make any sense.” And so we parted. I purposely didn't explain anything about myself to her. Not that I wanted to hide anything from her. There are just some things that women need to know about themselves. We want people to believe in us, so let them believe in us. I was afraid that she would see something different in my eyes — something that I had already noticed for a long time, but I hid it from myself. And that's why I didn't approach her after that conversation. But then she came to me anyway. She came to me on her own. She wanted to go off into some inaccessible and dark world that she wasn't fully aware of. It's like a geyser — it seems to me that it can only be compared to what we feel inside ourselves and what we deceive ourselves with. I felt that it was necessary to take one simple step, and this will probably benefit all of us. Although, who knows…

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