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  1. Why in Buddhism? Do you think it depends on your religion in any way? Death by negligence has to do with life itself, but not with a person's religion. Otherwise, everything is unchanged: the previous life will cause the next one. If you plant cabbage in your garden, you should not expect an apple tree to grow. Buddhism simply continues causal relationships beyond the individual incarnation. You can check it out:

    The well – known expression is “sleep is the brother of death.” If you go to bed and put your mind in a good, peaceful state, then you will wake up in it in the morning and vice versa – if in the evening you quarreled with your spouse,then in the morning you will feel very bad, whether you are a Buddhist or a Jew – there is no difference at all.

  2. It is worth warning those who are interested in the topic of Buddhism that not all its branches are correctly oriented, so in Mahayana Buddhism, in the degenerate branches of Buddhism, there is a tendency to displace the Creator, it has reached the point that the Creator (Adibudda) no longer had a place in them at all and He was rejected by her at all.
    It is the aspiration to the Creator (Adibuddha) that is important, and not the cultivation of one's individuality and isolation from Him.
    Example: if you remove any key point from the mechanism, the mechanism does not work.
    For example, in the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, Buddhism, etc. — references to the Living God (Creator) are cut out — with Its replacement by fabulous paganism, useless rituals, intimidation by hell, and such religions are dangerous and lead to mental disorders.

    I will answer: why is it so important to focus primarily on the Creator, and not, say, on Jesus Christ, Buddha, or any other Avatar? It turns out that this is really of fundamental importance from the point of view of the methodology of spiritual improvement. For only strict monotheism predisposes mature adepts to actualize the need to study and practice the multidimensional structure of Creation, and that the search for the Creator, the Goal, the Teacher should be directed to its depths, and not along the plane in rough spatial dimensions, which is characteristic of pagans.
    We were incarnated on Earth in order to actively improve ourselves, striving for God-likeness. At the same time, it is necessary, as a result of your spiritual efforts, to directly know God and merge into Him. This is how non-duality, non-duality, advaita is achieved-in relation to God.

    But in the circles of pseudo-Advaitists and adherents of those Buddhist sects that reject the existence of the Original Consciousness (that is, God), they say that our goal is not It, but “Nothing”. This means that each of us must transform ourselves into “nothing” – in order to … disappear forever from the world of samsara…

    Such people are very far from understanding the essence of God, the Evolution of Universal Consciousness, the meaning of our lives on Earth…
    … In fact, God is the Greatest Universal Organism! To this we must add that — in the Aspects of the Creator, the Holy Spirits and the Messiahs-He is also the Subtlest! He also has absolute Wisdom and Omnipotence.
    To get closer to Him in the Aspects just listed, we need to learn to love Him emotionally: after all, love is, among other things, the desire to merge; it is this that brings us closer.

    Part 2.
    In the mass Buddhism of Tibet, firstly, the principle of love-compassion, which was the basis of the Teaching, was abolished. Namely, it is now “allowed” to kill animals. Secondly, black magic was “legalized “in the form of attracting hellish non-incarnate beings, who received the names of” angry deities”.

    The Dalai Lamas should have explained all this to the faithful. But…
    Moreover, it was in Tibet that the concept arose that Perfection is achieved not by developing individual consciousness to the point where direct knowledge of the Original Consciousness and Merging with It becomes possible, but… ” instant enlightenment”, for the sake of which students must, for example, insult, humiliate and beat each other, best of all — unexpectedly.
    In order to make it more clear to the less competent reader what we are talking about, I will explain that the term Enlightenment implies the transformation of the individual consciousness of an embodied person into Light when it has approached the state of the Creator. (Remember: “God is Light!…”). Such a state a person obtains by refinement of consciousness. I emphasize: This is achieved only through the growth of consciousness as a refined and tender love-peace-followed by Merging with the Fiery Manifestation of the Creator (“Clear Light”, in Buddhist terms). True Enlightenment is achieved only through the realization of the possibilities of the spiritual heart (for more information about the development of this multidimensional structure, see the book “Ecopsychology”), and not through the development of aggressive arrogance, arrogance, rudeness.
    Modern preachers, instead of developing refinement, have begun to plug the holes of the body with corks…

    … Thus, in modern Tibet, we have seen the same typical picture of the gradual degeneration-after stages of development and flourishing-of the great and pure Teaching, its replacement by human ignorance.

    The essence of Taoist spiritual alchemy is the transformation of human rudeness and ignorance — “lead”) into the “gold” of a radiant Divinely Perfect Consciousness.
    But over time, people's ignorance took over here. The teaching of the Path to Tao-the Universal Primordial Consciousness – which is a “Gentle Being” has degenerated into meaningless chatter about dividing everything and everyone into” yin” and “yang”, about what spirits supposedly live in the body of each person by the thousands… The word ” Tao “itself has taken on a different meaning:” the way”” “Path” — where to? And why? God was thus… lost to many esoteric schools. And the ” path” turned into … an increase in rudeness-suitable only for asserting one's primitive self.

  3. I don't understand how people can be divided according to their principles ,religions, etc.All people live their lives the same way. Nothing is random in life.Each person is given the opportunity to learn, to correct the previous life from previous mistakes, to become better in all respects. How a person will live his life depends only on him!!! A person always has a choice to live or not to live. This is his choice!!! “Our true nature is – – – energy!!!” And I will have my own goals and problems on this Earth in my later life! With respect.

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