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  1. Absolutely, God thinks. Only, probably, this process does not take place in time, as we do. He knew and planned everything before it happened.

    And experiencing emotions. This is why Scripture says that God loves (Jer 31: 20), rejoices (Is 62:5), pities (Is 30:18), is angry (Numbers 11:10), and hates (Prov 6:16). But these are not the same emotions as we have. But there is nothing wrong with His emotions: love is not mixed with addiction or lust, anger-irritability, hatred-anger.

    Probably, to feel like a God means to feel your own perfection and power. Perhaps it also means feeling love and compassion for the whole world.

  2. If you mean God the creator, then I think so. It would be strange for the creator not to be able to do what his creations can do. No emotions-no motivation, i.e. you just don't need to create. The laws of this world probably needed to be thought out. Without emotions and the ability to think, God turns out to be somehow inferior. Perhaps his thoughts and feelings are different from human ones, feelings do not interfere with thinking and do not interfere at all, but help; thoughts do not contain various errors.
    What it's like to be a god depends on what kind of god you are.

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