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  1. Let's try to approach this logically and practically.

    From the point of view of management practice, any object (material or non-material) always participates in some processes, and, therefore, it is either managed or self-managed. In the first case, someone must manage it directly; in the second case, someone must have created conditions in which the object could be self-managed.

    Our universe, after all, is itself an object. Some say that it was created and controlled by someone (God, the Most High, Higher Consciousness, etc.), others that it all happened by chance and here we are now sitting here reasoning (Big Bang, etc.). Nothing happens by itself, and the children know this (except for broken vases and eaten sweets).

    Any fabrications and arguments lead to the fact that the Universe is either controlled directly by someone or something, or created such conditions that everything itself just happened like that.

    It is this someone or something that everyone calls God, the Supreme, the Higher Consciousness, etc. (hereinafter referred to as God).

    And it is God who is the link for everything in the universe. After all, it's no secret that everything in the world is interconnected. So it binds.

    An indirect confirmation of the existence of God is its presence in all cultures without exception. One way or another, everyone has a God. At different times and different people called it differently. But the meaning is somehow the same for everyone. Again, this is only indirect.

    How we can verify this is another matter.

    If you take the link factor, it is best to test the existence of God on connections and the best thing that comes to mind is Love. Anyone who has experienced this feeling will say that there is nothing higher, deeper and more comprehensive than Love. This feeling of unity, mutual understanding – so boundless as if it's not another person, but yourself…

    This is the moment when we know God. All the teachings in the world tell you-love everyone, love everything around you. And we do it, but only as children. Kids love everyone and everything. Sincerely. And we, adults, forgot how and forgot. They forgot how to love. We know what we can do, but we've forgotten how. And now we only believe that this is possible. We believe in Love, we believe in God.

    You just need to remember.

    Love is God.

  2. No one knows for sure. Even the definition of God is not fully developed by mankind, for different religions and beliefs it is a different and rather vague concept, so this is a philosophical question and most likely we will never get an answer to it. The main concept here is to believe!

  3. The question is incorrect, because the essence of God is incommensurably higher than any business. The human brain cannot understand this essence because of its primitiveness, just as the chicken brain cannot understand the principles of higher mathematics. And if we can't understand something, we can only believe it. Or don't believe it. God leaves us a choice. So God exists, but whether the matter itself exists is a big question.

  4. Decide for yourself what you mean by this concept, if it is a material object, then it is a question of your faith in it, but if it is something immaterial, then in my opinion, God is inside us, each of us can create something new, give a new life, lead like-minded people, give good, bring benefit and enlightenment to people, be a model for others. For yourself, you need to decide what to believe, which path to choose and go to the intended goal, and to engage in reasoning about what is and what is not is a meaningless task, because ” …everything came from dust and everything will return to dust.”

  5. There are people who say that if there were a God, He would periodically make Himself felt. God makes Himself felt through everything that surrounds us, it is wonderfully arranged: the sun goes for thousands of years and does not fly away from the earth for a single moment; the moon, the stars shine for whom? All minerals are laid in the ground for whom? Who put them up? The earth has all the conditions for the existence of life: oxygen, water, various fruits and much more. The wind blows away the smoke, we would be suffocated by now, the wind gives us coolness; the rain feeds the earth, and some strange dark mass that we call earth grows plants. We're just used to it because we were born into it, and we think that's how it should be. But how does this really happen? Who manages all this? Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, sometimes foggy? Who makes the weather schedule? The hydrometeorological center does not do this, they only tell the facts, and they often make mistakes. God has arranged our life in such a way that every person always has a miracle of God with them – and this is you and me. Look at yourself, how wonderfully organized you are: all the organs have their own purpose; everything is interconnected. A person is a factory created not by human hands. We understand that when a person eats, the whole body gets nourishment through it. How does this happen? It is clear that today there are people who know and can explain what interacts with what, how the body works, partially understand, but WHO gave these laws to the human body? Why does the heart work and drive the blood? Who gives you a heartbeat? Who gave the lungs the ability to inhale oxygen? Man is absolutely incapable of this. And in general, the whole person is wonderfully arranged. How does human birth occur? This is not humanly explained, because it is a miracle that God does. He not only created once, He creates today, He gives life to all living things.

    God in the Bible says that His eternal power and Divinity are seen through looking at creatures (Romans 1: 19-20). We often admire beautiful landscapes, sunsets, seas, rocks, and so much more, but God doesn't just offer to look at it and say it's beautiful, He says: CONSIDER it. In other words, do not just look, but deeply explore and see how incredible and powerful these creatures are, and there is no way they could have appeared on their own. Know that there is One Who created all this. Consider the Artist of all these beauties. Today, many laws are open on earth: in physics, chemistry, and medicine, but please understand that we are only users. No scientist created laws, he only discovered what already exists. If there is a law, then there is a Legislator above the law. Would you believe it if someone told you that your car, or your house, or your phone, or something else was created by itself? I don't think you'll believe it. Everything on earth has a creator. There is something that is created by human hands, but there is something that a person simply cannot create, and everyone understands this. And the Creator of this is God. He is also the Creator of man, whom He endowed with reason and gave to use the products of the earth.

    God is clearly, clearly, and thoroughly described in the Bible. The Bible is the word of God that He gave His people to write in a book. The Bible describes how God created the earth and created man. The Bible also records God's commandments on how a person should act; all this is accompanied by examples from the lives of other people and the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ. The Bible is left for everyone's salvation, it contains answers to all vital questions of a person.

    Also, God gives you confidence in His existence when you are in the captivity of sin, and no one can help you in any way, but God comes into your life and really frees you from any sinful addictions. In the Bible, God calls everyone to “come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). In other words, come to Me, all of you who are tired of so many attempts to leave sin, but have failed. God promises peace and gives it to everyone who comes to Him for help.

    If you have family problems; can't stop drinking or smoking; or are dying from drugs; maybe you are angry, irritable, short-tempered; maybe you can't forgive and have resentment for years; maybe you even languish from such sins as murder or something similar, and do not see a way out and hope; know that there is a God Who wants to forgive you and release you from your terrible situation. All this He does for the sake of the death of His Son Jesus Christ, who was crucified for our sins and rose again today to give every person the hope of deliverance from sins and eternal life. He wants to forgive and free everyone. God offers to come to Him in a simple prayer, realizing that He is guilty before Him for his wrong-lived life, and He will give forgiveness and freedom!

    Imagine when your heart is at peace, and not enmity against someone; imagine peace in the family, and not arguments and swearing; imagine when you do not need to overtake someone in a car and sharply brake in front of him, because he cut you off, but instead you forgive him and wish him well. I have written very briefly, you may have your own problems, but God is able to free you from them.

    Some of what I wrote, I went through myself, and God helped me to get rid of all this, and many other things. Another passage in the Bible says, “Taste and see how good the Lord is” (Psalm 33: 9). It happens in life that a person does not try it himself, believes someone and rejects a delicious fruit. Do not believe the lies of men and the devil, but taste, that is, try it yourself, call out to Him sincerely, and you will see how God will help you; and you will see for yourself that He really exists!

    Here are links to testimonies of people who have also experienced God's grace:

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    Viktor Reznikov – three times sentenced to death by firing squad

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  6. I would ask a counter-question : does man really exist? Without the Creator, no creation can arise, so everything is clear with the Creator, but not everything is clear with the creation. Until now, they cannot find the primary indivisible particle of matter, continuous fields, vibrations, interactions, etc. Information from the senses is not an objective reality, but impulses to the brain from nerve endings. In other words, everything we think or feel is what we think. So, whether we really exist is a big question. Most likely, people are programs that are looped inside themselves and ask the question-does the programmer really exist?

  7. Well, first of all, it depends on which god. For example, God in deism cannot be proved or disproved in any way, even in theory, and if we assume that the Bible must be read verbatim, then there is no such god, because then the Scripture will begin to contradict not only science, but also itself. Therefore, most Christians stopped taking the Bible literally, and some even rejected the dogma of the infallibility of the Bible, recognizing the possibility of errors in the text. If any religion insists on the reality of an underlying event that occurred in our world, then science can verify the truth of this statement. If the event is confirmed, the probability of such a god's existence remains unchanged or increases slightly. And if the event never happened, then congratulations, you have refuted the existence of the God of this religion (but only if this event is a dogma). Second, what exactly is God? How do we distinguish a super-evolved civilization from a god? No way.

  8. This is a philosophical category. God lives in the soul of a person as an internal censor, caretaker, judge, measure of good and evil, spiritual guide, and in this plan – yes, there is. Or doesn't live. But it is used.

    To claim that this is an entity that created EVERYTHING, knows everything, punishes for “our grave sins” or elevates-this is utopia. It is an ancient weapon that was once successfully used to fight dissent and is still in use today. After all, there is always a “flock” and a “shepherd”. The story tells how the most serious crimes were committed under the banner of the God-entity.

    Nature, the Cosmic mind, if you will, God – these are dispassionate forces, not fully known by people and unmanageable! They don't care how we fight back on Earth. “Who” or “What” sends cataclysms, epidemics, allows countless wars and, at the same time, revives, gives happiness, love, pleasure?

    One is the Forces of Nature – insensitive, dispassionate, indifferent.

    The other is purely human qualities, feelings, emotions, weaknesses.

    It's hard to compete with the Forces of Nature. But the believer will rely on God's mercy no matter what; the unbeliever will rely on knowledge, on the power of reason, on ability, and also on luck or chance, on luck.

    Having or not having faith in God and being religious does not make a person righteous or evil. Everything is quite relative.

    And to believe in the existence of God or not – the process is quite intimate. Faith is tested by the thinker throughout life, either accepted or rejected… It is pointless to impose your own point of view, as well as to punish or prosecute for dissent. This is successfully done by religious fanatics. And I consider myself agnostic.

  9. Everything that your brain believes already exists inside it (at least in the form of neural connections and configurations).

    One can only feel the existence of God in a tangible way.

    If your brain does not give God faith (in the form of a “neural springboard in the brain” for His landing in it and transmitting tangible information to him from above), then in your brain He really will not exist as an Object.

    Although it actually supports every micro-process in your life.

  10. Of course it exists. God is the creator of the Solar System. If all these things exist, then God also exists. After all, the solar System exists. So God also exists in reality. If the system ceases to exist, then God ceases to exist.

    God should not be confused with the Lord God, the son of God, idols, and other attributes of religion. Religious gods may not exist.

    In science, it is generally assumed that the Solar System turned out by chance on its own. But this is impossible to believe, because it is too complex a design to get it by accident.

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