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  1. yes, so it was, is and will be!!! good means peace , and that is, world peace. good should be everywhere and always, in every corner of our planet Earth!

  2. The question can be answered if you conditionally call Good-Light forces, and Evil-Dark forces.

    Both Light and Dark need strength and resources to win.
    When a physical war is waged, the winner is usually the one who is superior in strength and resources.

    Who supplies resources and forces for the battle?

    People, people, every person.

    What are the resources and powers for Light and Dark Forces?

    This is the energy of the Absolute, which is transformed through a person
    Light ones feed on high-frequency energy and this same energy destroys Dark forces.

    For the survival and victory of the Dark Ones, they need low-frequency energy, they feed ONLY on it.

    Both Light and Dark take energy from us. Only a Human Being can transform the energy of the Creator into different energy ranges. Neither Light nor Dark can forcibly take energy, due to the operation of the basic law of the universe – the law of free will.

    This law is equivalent to the laws of physics. You can't break the laws of physics no matter how much we want to, this law also applies. It is unquestioning and unconditional.

    In order for the Dark Forces to receive more energy, they have to use tricks, deceptions, illusions. The dark ones have to tempt us to give up the energy they need voluntarily. They don't need the energy of light, love and goodness, they need the opposite energy of a certain low frequency – fear, anger, hatred.

    And now the answer to the question: Does Good always win over Evil or not?

    Evil trumps Good if humans generate low-frequency energy that makes the Dark Ones stronger.

    Dark forces take quantity, and Light forces take quality

    So the low-frequency energy of fear or guilt gives the Dark Ones 0.2-2.2 conventional units with a low vibration.

    And the high-frequency energy of Unconditional love gives 200 or more conventional units with high vibration.

    That is, one person generating 200 units with high vibration overlaps from 100 to 1000 people with low vibration.

    It turns out – One in the field warrior

    The ultimate and global goal of the Dark Forces in the world

    Since we are food for the Dark Ones (our energy), they deliberately lower our vibrational parameters, they lead us to degradation, constantly frighten us, constantly push each other.

    Under the influence of these conditions, we begin to generate low-frequency energy. And their goal is to turn us into a fuel-free source of energy, so that at their own request we become batteries for them, so that they no longer have to tempt us, come up with various methods of manipulation, so that everything works automatically.

    But the Dark Ones miscalculated!

    Do you know why?

    They didn't take it into account! You know who?


    They didn't take into account how you grew/changed in your development.

    You are already radiating an energy that is beyond the reach of the Dark Ones

    You're no longer afraid, panicked, angry, or giving the Dark Ones their favorite treat.

    Moreover, you are taking away all the energy that they have taken away from you through deception and lies.

    You are severing all ties and contracts signed with the Dark Ones consciously and unconsciously.

    And remember! By itself, the victory of the Light and Good will not happen.

    This will happen only and exclusively with the help of all of us

    Support your response! Together we will defeat the Dark Ones!

  3. The concepts of good and evil are subjective. For the buyer, high prices for goods are evil, for the seller they are a blessing. But in any case, sooner or later the dominant point of view on a particular process takes root in people's minds, becoming commonplace, and then, as a rule, a blessing.

    There is an interesting example in history: Christianity in Rome. At the dawn of this religion, Christians were considered sectarians by the Romans, an evil that had to be hunted by lions. Now in the same Rome sits the Pope of Rome, the head of all Christians. It turns out, who won-that and good.

  4. Not always, they are equal in power of energy and both of them are needed by the universe (like day and night, heat and cold, light and dark), they fight only in our consciousness, because day does not fight with night, they peacefully coexist.

  5. No, not always – it always happens only in fairy tales and movies (and not all of them). That is why you need to soberly assess the situation and not rely on higher forces.

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