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  1. The freedom of a person is to be absolutely unlimited by anything and to express oneself absolutely freely in harmony with everything that happens in the world.

    The amount of knowledge that a person possesses does not affect the ability of a person to be absolutely free in the case when this knowledge is selflessly technically used by the intellect in everyday life.

    If the presence of knowledge, its volume, becomes a distinctive psychological feature in the human psyche, which gives rise to a desire to possess even more knowledge for any purpose other than its own full creative expression, then such knowledge, colored by the psychology of its possession, restricts a person's freedom in proportion to its volume.

  2. To answer this question, I think it is necessary to determine the meaning of the words used in its composition. The main thing is to understand what kind of freedom we are talking about, since this word has a very wide range of meanings. If we generalize, then freedom is distinguished by two types: internal freedom (it does not imply a “dialogue” with society, but it cannot exist without it. The attitude of a person to himself, to his abilities, which are determined by the presence of certain abilities) and external freedom (the essence of which is interaction with society). If by the word “knowledge” we mean the inner desire of a person to develop thinking, then we can assume that knowledge really gives freedom (internal), because a person, like a traveler who has learned about nature, no longer has to wander around the map, because he is able to adapt to any of its conditions. However, a person with a developed intellect may not gain external freedom. A person is much easier to contact with people who are similar to themselves. For this reason, a thinker who does not have communication skills will find it difficult to get along in society, which is likely to make him an introvert who is difficult to recognize as free. Thus, it is easier for a person in society to achieve freedom if he has the skill of eloquence, and not the ability to think deeply.

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