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  1. 1) There is an opinion that music, as a phenomenon, is absolutely useless in the economy and for survival, and

    it just came up as a nice bonus. But this is most likely not so, because music could not only entertain, but also help to survive.

    For example, lullabies. Already proven: that these songs reduce the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood of young children, but for example, military songs help to increase adrenaline in the blood. In addition, patriotic music can make you raise the military spirit of soldiers and be a little more hostile to representatives of other nations. It is also likely that music helped to form and strengthen social ties through rituals with its participation.” After all, man is a social being.

    2) We are all “set to music”. It allows you to gather the will to work and synchronize our actions. It can soothe or enliven,bring relief, comfort, or set you up for battle.

    3) It can also be a powerful therapeutic tool for patients suffering from a variety of nervous diseases.

    For example, such people can show a strong reaction to music (and sometimes only to it and nothing else!). Some of the patients with brain disorders, for example, as a result of physical shock, or any types of dementia, patients with specific syndromes associated with loss of motor functions, speech, those who suffer from autism or Parkinson's disease, disorders of motor functions-without fail undergo music therapy in a complex treatment and potentially their ailments can be alleviated with the help of such therapy, which allows you to cause the patient's response to a musical exciter.

    Learn more in this video: “WHY DOES HUMANITY NEED MUSIC”: https://youtu.be/qQoGqygZe3Y

  2. Of course, it teaches, although this is most often overlooked. Music teaches you to feel harmony, rhythm, beat, feel the movement of life. Music is able to develop imagination and imagination. Music helps you generate ideas.

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