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  1. The fate of a country, its future, as well as the entire planet, depends on the goals that both an individual and society as a whole sets for themselves, and the ways to achieve them.

    And as long as the goal of the development of society and the individual is not spiritual elevation, but the achievement of material prosperity at any cost, as long as social and property inequality and false ideas about morality and morality remain in it, the situation in the country, in the world, will not change for the better. It is necessary to return to the Great and Eternal Values.

    Hope for a just and bright future is linked only with God, and Russia is able to show the peoples of the world the only and Great way.

    A year ago, the Russians made changes to the basic Law of the State-the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The word “God”, introduced in the Constitution, means that Russia, freely and voluntarily, officially recognized God. Consequently, the territory of Russia is the space of God, where the Unified Divine Laws of the Cosmos should rule.

    In the universe, everything is subject to Eternal evolution and the basis of everything is Faith, Love, Harmony, Equality, Justice. And a person is a part of a single Universe, which means that he must live and develop according to the Same Cosmic Laws that no one is allowed to violate.

    The main idea for the peoples of Russia should be: the adoption of a Single God, a Single Religion, the Canons of Eternity, according to which a Society of supreme justice will be built, which is popularly called Paradise. The same Paradise where all people are Spiritually perfect, where the basis will not be power, but self-government of people on the conditions of Spiritual Unity and Equality.

    But in order to build a Society of Higher Justice, people need to change their consciousness, purge it of lies and vices. They need to accept new knowledge about the Higher Cosmic Mind, about the structure of the Universe, about the eternal laws of the Cosmos, about the role and purpose of man in the Universe.

    “It is impossible to give up God!

    This is help and this is the future!

    Russia has its own road!

    Lead humanity to the future!”

    (Quatrains of the Creator) https://chenneling.info/poems/12.03.18.html

  2. There is only the present, and it is as we see it. In the future, the present can either get better (as more people subjectively perceive it as the best), or worse – all this is in our hands.�

    Answering the question – of course there is. The kingdom of adequacy and common sense will defeat the kingdom of pizdets and assholes. I firmly believe that. Believe me and you, and then we will be one step closer to victory.


  3. It all depends on how you perceive the present.

    If it is bright, it will continue to be so in the future. If it is hopeless, then there will be no other.

    There will always be a lot of positive and negative facts around. Some focus more on the positive, others on the negative.

    Some choose average indicators for comparison, others only the highest, and still others their unrestrained fantasies.

    Do you remember Ellochka the Ogre from The Twelve Chairs ?

    Ellochka was married to an engineer. At that time, she got a lucky ticket. She lived in a separate apartment, did not work, and did not particularly burden herself with household chores. But she was terribly offended by fate and her husband that she could not compete in luxury with Vanderbilt. Could she have had a “bright future”?…

  4. I often think about it myself. I live abroad, and I wonder if I will ever be able to return and live as well as here. And the longer I live, the more I realize that I don't. The whole history of Russia over the past 200-300 years (we don't really know what happened there before) suggests that ordinary people have never lived well here. Not thieves, not geniuses, not rulers, not refugees, but ordinary people. Then wars, then slavery, then madcap kings, there is simply no end to it.

  5. Got it!!! См See people's project VOINR-USSR!!! Return of power and country. Methods, facts, and laws.

    Registration of ownership documents for your share in the camp. The only adequate project on the planet.

  6. By itself, it will not arise if we do not build it and make some feasible contribution, and if not to the whole country (not every genius engineer), then at least to our loved ones. It was possible to build the Soviet Union out of starvation and poverty at a rapid pace as a superpower, because then people worked very hard, and not always for large salaries, but rather just out of a sense of duty. Sometimes Soviet workers received only food for their work. Therefore, we need to instill in people like in Japan, Singapore, and the United States a love of work, which we used to have to a greater extent than now. Now the cult of consumption is flourishing rather than responsible work.

  7. There will certainly be a bright future. If I had been told in 89-90: “Heavy shackles will fall, Prisons will collapse — and freedom will welcome you joyfully at the entrance, And your brothers will give you the sword.”, That the USSR will collapse and the “iron curtain” will fall, then I would have made fun of this person,but the Soviet Union collapsed and we began to live better than in the Union.So it will be in the future.Now,of course, it is difficult to believe in changes with a positive vector,but they are not far off. Bang ,August 91 and we wake up in a different country.

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