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  1. If we assume that philosophy is the process of the mind knowing itself, then in this sense, when we study philosophy, we are exploring our own mind and its limits. The problem here is that both the object, the subject, and the method of research are one, and this is the mind, beyond which we cannot go. And if self-understanding is reduced to self-knowledge, i.e., again, rationalize it (and this is the only thing that we can do in the framework of reason), then yes, we can say that philosophizing is a process of self-understanding.

  2. Perhaps not, because you can't teach what you don't know.

    The paradox of this statement is that philosophy does not teach people how to understand themselves.

    But it shows the experience of others in self-understanding.

    Understanding is something that only a person should have after getting acquainted with philosophy. You can't teach them to understand that this is a personal act, to some extent spontaneous and unpredictable. But philosophy can inspire, captivate by the desire itself-to begin to understand yourself.

  3. From the deepest philosophical antiquity, the task was set before man and the future (humanity) — know yourself. But this is not only the knowledge that is directed to the knowledge of the personal, the individual, but also the knowledge in the philosophical sense, that is, that which is directed to the knowledge of man as his nature and essence.

  4. Philosophy teaches both self-understanding and self-discipline. For example, a person who was once running everywhere for success, as it seems to him, can understand that it makes no sense to hurry, because it will be what it should be. And it will begin to do things in a measured and happy manner, noticing every moment and the necessary detail.

  5. Philosophy is one of the most ancient sciences. And humanity has invested all its knowledge, discoveries, and life experience in this science. This direction gives an understanding of the structure of the whole world, the higher energies and the laws of the universe. Of course, to understand yourself and your place in the world, a person turns to philosophy. When there was no psychology, the philosophy of life helped people cope with difficulties and find answers to many questions.

    It is not for nothing that the great ancient philosophers are still studied by scientists, and their thoughts are analyzed and discovered from a new angle.

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