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  1. I love Zeland and I can confidently say that transurfing works!

    I read all the parts of transurfing 3 years ago, but only now I am beginning to understand the essence. Spiritual practices helped me a lot, where I was able to understand myself, get rid of fears, feelings of guilt, and establish relationships with family and friends. I study my body, don't drink alcohol, increase the energy level in my body, and only then do transurfing techniques start working for me.

    Study yourself, this world, the laws of the universe, bring LOVE to this world and everything will work out 🙏 🏻 😇

  2. Anyone who has learned how to manage reality does not sit on forums and discuss this issue, does not prove anything to anyone, and does not try to teach others. Because these people realized the futility of this venture. Once they found out, they took action. The one who understood doesn't ask anymore. You can't find what and how answers here, because all the answers are inside you.

  3. Randomness doesn't really exist. What people call randomness is nothing more than an unrecognized pattern. Everything that happens to a person is a natural aggregate result of his (this person's) own actions (thoughts, emotions, words, actions). What you sow, you reap. You can't reap what you didn't sow. Therefore, there are two fundamental ways of correction-to think that you are sowing, and also to change what you have already sown, if you have not sown what you need. There is nothing complicated when you have the appropriate KNOWLEDGE. As for transurfing, I can't judge, I haven't read it.

  4. Zeland is a talented writer. He found his own theme and style. He has realized many things and shares them in books. I realized most of it in the process of writing the book. Was he lucky? Is there luck? He is an example of how transurfing works in his life. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so popular.

    From a gray mouse “scribbler”, he turned into a serious writer who writes bezzeller. But this is his life and awareness of it. To understand the essence and realize it in living is quite different.

    From his books, you can highlight many points for expanding your horizons. I don't know exactly how his techniques work on others. There are reviews on the Internet.

    I've only read a couple of his books in a very long time.

    I would like to emphasize the author's writing abilities rather than his unique knowledge of metaphysics, nutrition, and esotericism. I can't say for sure, but it looks like he's in character and is very protective of that image, just like his agents or producers.

    I have determined for myself that randomness as such is perceived only in our plane of perception. If you see a picture of what is happening in the volume, then I am sure you will be able to understand the cause-and-effect relationships. But during the physical life, this is not possible in full volume. We are limited by time, mental programs, and settings. Using transurfing, it is possible that some forms of mental attitudes can be optimized and adjusted for creation.

    Who will say that all randomness is right, as those who claim that there is a space of options from which a person constantly chooses.

    The world is so diverse and unique for everyone that it is difficult to imagine.

  5. Absolutely not working!!!! At least for ordinary people, to which I belong … No matter how much you dream, don't imagine, don't try to make plans, make algorithms For yourself, it doesn't work, on the contrary, you only spoil it… But the most offensive thing in my case is that if you stop making plans, you do it arbitrarily,tto comes out equally bad with the plan, what Without, and what is bad For yourself and others!!!!
    Experts of these places call it laziness, in ordinary life it is called Stupidity and Rukozhopostyu!!!


    Transurfing reality can be fully understood and absorbed as knowledge by people who live with clarity. Assembling the world not through fear, but through clarity. This is the first one.


    Second, transurfing is a system where elements of the same psychology or other systems of human transformation are visible. Because there are such elements that “took and immediately applied”.

    For example, awareness and identification of one's own feelings in emotional intelligence provides the same opportunity as using the information from the chapter “Pendulums”.

    If you look globally, Zeland is 100% right, his system describes the structure of the Universe, so if you fully implement its mechanism in your life,it will work. But it's hard! Keep all the details together in a single picture.


    Now people are on the obestochke(food, lack of sleep, gadgets, addiction), their transurfing does not work…

  7. I was introduced to Zeland's work a few years ago. In fact, he doesn't write anything new. These are all interpretations of energy management models. To be absolutely precise-Non-drug management of the endocrine system. If you look at it objectively, all religions and philosophies are about it. But each contingent and each time needs its own interpreter. Work is currently underway that will soon tell you how to manage your energies, but in relation to Vedic astrology. In general, Zeland explains how to manage energy through visualizations. That is, the same practices as Buddhism. Therefore, they work quite realistically. But you need to keep in mind. The human energy system is not so simple. Therefore, Christian prayer is suitable for some. Another is Buddhist practice. The third is the negation of everything. Our biological system directs our consciousness in the direction of energy sources. So you should also listen to yourself as the Bible says: “don't create idols for yourself”

  8. In this question, you have actually identified a fundamental duality – the Human Creator and the Human Mote in the wind. And this duality is indeed one of the most important choices of your mind, and it is only your choice.

    Let me start with an old joke from my life:

    Over the door of his village home , the great physicist, Nobel laureate Niels Bohr nailed a horseshoe, which, according to legend, should bring happiness. Upon seeing the horseshoe, one of the customers exclaimed, ” Can a great scholar like you really believe that a horseshoe over a door brings good luck?” “No,” Bohr said, ” of course I don't believe it. This is a superstition. But, you know, they say it brings good luck even to those who don't believe in it.”

    Let's imagine for a moment a world in which NOTHING depends on our actions and thoughts. and the whole world is a collection of accidents. “a combination of good or bad circumstances.”.. here you put scrambled eggs on the fire – and what if it does not cook? Q: Will you enjoy the Ego experience of living in a world where you can't control or anticipate anything? And the mind really does not like to accept a concept that is unpleasant for the Ego)).

    .. a world in which any dream is meaningless, and even the feminine magic of cosmetics in front of the mirror will not change anything… How would you like to live in such a world? Will you allow it?

    You ask “how it really works and what really works” – but which model is more comfortable for you?! If you are proactive and want to be a creator-of-reality-out – of-yourself, you don't need the opinions of others. If your choice is complete passivity in relation to the world – here, too, something can hardly be changed… Because the mind-and we are now playing verbal, mental games-does not change anything, but only justifies or does not justify the choice that has already been made, on a different level.

    It's like if you're in love … and someone proves to you that your chosen one is not good.

    So, to conclude all the previous hints: only your faith works. Faith and your vision of the world are one and the same thing.

    The electric light bulb was first invented – then made. Never otherwise. But for the Papuans, this is a great magic.

  9. It is necessary to move out of the cuckoos altogether in order to raise such a question at all. Another charlatan for fools. For troishniki… for those who didn't go to school. Heh heh heh. He controls the energies….

  10. “Transrefing Reality” is one of the concepts describing such an interesting process as “Life“, there are other religions and teachings that present their own concepts describing the life process, but none of them is absolute, no matter how tempting and beautiful they are described. And the more books are written about a particular teaching, the more complex the concept itself, the more difficult it is to build an understanding of such a simple essence as “Life“.

    In fact, your question already has the answer: yes, a combination of good and bad circumstances is exactly the game form of duality that our life consists of. Male and female, heat and cold, plus and minus, anode and cathode, day and night, inhale and exhale, heaven and earth, yin and yang, alpha and omega, good and bad, hell and heaven, and so on, life always plays its dance in pairs, pairs permeate existence on all levels from material to spiritual, the game of pairs and their cyclicity is what our life consists of.

    You also need to understand that everything in this life comes and goes, today is good and tomorrow is bad, now is the night and the day will surely come, there will always be a breath after an exhalation, also with our emotions and any other events in life and among all this there is something unchangeable that observes this game of pairs and cyclicity from within, this unchangeable is inside you, This deep inside of you is always watching this life like a movie, and the more often you look inside yourself, the more deeply you reveal your true Self, your inner unchanging oneplease be one, look into yourself more often and you will begin to understand more deeply what Life is!

    Sooner or later, you will have to learn about life directly and not through various teachings and concepts, otherwise there will be no desired “conditional” growth, as well as a deep understanding of what life is.

    I will summarize all the teachings for you in concrete practices that will lead you to an awareness of life.

    1. Watch 24/7 for the state of your body, for the sensations that appear and disappear in it.

    2. Watch the feelings and emotions that arise in you, do not get stuck in them, let them flow freely through you.

    3. Watch your mind work, watch your thoughts come and go, and don't get caught up in them either, just be an observer.

    If you go through all three points to the end, at the end of the “path” you will get answers to all the questions, you will know yourself, and the one who has known himself-has known the whole world.

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