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  1. None of the books of modern authors that I have read mention such a symbol. Nor have I seen such references in Epictetus, Seneca, or Marcus Aurelius. Therefore, I get the impression that there was no such symbol, and if there was, the Stoics did not pay any special attention to it. Therefore, consider that this symbol did not exist)))

  2. The question caught me off guard. With all my love for antiquity and, in particular, for the philosophy of the Stoics… have you ever wondered if the Stoics had symbols?!

    I can't remember, or maybe there's just no mention of the symbols of stoicism.

    Stoicism is a philosophical doctrine whose rationalism has failed to turn it into a religion. But on the other hand, pantheism is the basis of Stoicism, and therefore it is certainly a religious philosophy.

    Stoicism lasted for six centuries. It all started with Zeno of Kitium, who was born at the end of the IV century. It ended approximately with the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius… or a little later, but not later than the fourth century.

    There is an interesting book by M. Pillucci – “How to be a Stoic: Ancient philosophy and Modern Life”. You can still be a stoic today!

    But I didn't find any symbols of stoicism in this book either.

  3. The main philosophical attitude of the Stoic school is: complete restoration and return of the essence to the integral beginning, through the Logos (subtle matter), Pneuma (logos nature, rational). God is pure Intelligence. Our world is One, and is glued together by a living, Intelligent Logos. Therefore, the world is whole, it did not arise by chance and develops in accordance with a strictly set goal, in which a person is a part of this whole world. Mind is the Divine Logos. The Ethical ideal of Stoic philosophy: the desire of man for this real goal in our space-time. If a person's action does not correspond to ethical norms and rules, then the person has life problems, troubles, i.e. he is unhappy.
    The main thing is to make the right ethical conclusion, not to break the harmony with the world. Symbols of the Stoic school: air, earth, fire, water.

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