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  1. The concept of “sin” may exist outside the context of religious beliefs. It is hardly possible to formulate it, comprehend it, and most importantly understand: what to do with it, how to “treat” it?

  2. Sure. Even non-believers use such concepts as misdemeanor, crime, filth, baseness, meanness, etc. These are the sins, that is, violations of the moral law established by God. And this law is known to the conscience of every person.

  3. I think that it does not exist, unless sin is interpreted broadly. In Greek, sin-amartia-means not falling into the goal, that is, a person's deviation from his goal, his destiny; a perverted idea of how and for what one should live. Beyond the religious way of knowing the world, the question of the meaning of existence (for what purpose) not worth it – it is replaced by questions about the way of existence (how): well-being, health, longevity, success, justice, freedom, often understood as permissiveness.

  4. Sin is literally a mistake, a mistake (compare with the words “flaw”, “error”). In Greek as well. And in the Abrahamic religions, this concept means exactly a mistake, voluntary or involuntary, which harms the one who committed it. There are crimes that make a person guilty. But the concept of ” sin ” emphasizes (without canceling), in addition to guilt, attention to harm to oneself, to one's own soul. For example, if a person envies someone, it is a sin, although, perhaps, he has not yet done anything but envy. Envy has a devastating effect on a person.

    Outside of religion, there are still some laws of the psyche. Although these are not the same laws as the laws described in physics. There may still be some general notions that some actions cause damage to one's own psyche. The concept of an act that makes a person guilty is already there.

    So religion does not create the concepts of “self-harming error” and ” guilt.” It provides an explanation in the context of faith (based on certain concepts about the structure of the world) why error causes harm and why guilt occurs (if it occurs).

    Yes, such sins as blasphemy against God do not exist outside of religion, and most of the rest of the world is more or less agreed upon as wrong or harmful.

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