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  1. You know, there is a lot of evidence for this, but you have to believe it. Therefore, your question will not be answered in such a way that everyone agrees with it. Someone will believe, and someone will continue to disbelieve. Even such people are described in the Bible as follows:

    Luke 16: 31 “Even if someone rises from the dead, they will not believe”

    I will tell you a little bit about my life, why I believe in this: I was born in a Christian family, I heard about God from childhood, but at a certain age the street beckoned me: alcohol, smoking, swearing, night parties and much more. All this filled me so much that I became a very terrible person: I did not respect my relatives, I was a terribly disobedient child; I was proud, angry; bold, self-willed, many people suffered and suffered difficulties from me.

    But my mother still reminded me of God, and said that life is short (and for some people very short), and beyond the threshold of life is eternity. There are two places in eternity: either with God in infinite joy, or with the devil in incessant torment. I knew that after such an unholy life, only hell awaited me. I began to understand this, and I began to look at the testimonies of people who had experienced God's grace in their lives: someone was healed by God, someone was brought back to life after he died, someone was released from terrible addictions by God. These testimonies penetrated my heart, and one day I asked God for forgiveness for my terrible sinful life.

    You can imagine, God helped me get rid of all my addictions. Many of them I tried to get rid of myself many times, but I came back, and God gave me liberation. It is written about God in the Bible, and it says that only God can help a person to be freed from any sins. When God helps me with my personal problems, it gives me faith and hope that He exists. And this is confirmed in my life. The Bible also contains answers to all the vital questions of man, and here is what it says about what happens to us after death:

    Ecclesiastes 12: 7 ” and the dust (our body) will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.”

    Our body is temporary and after death simply rots, but our spirit is eternal and cannot die, it returns to God to account for its life, so that in eternity it will receive, according to what a person did while living in the body, good or bad.

    You can get your own personal confirmation if you sincerely turn to God and ask Him for help in understanding this issue. Tell Him everything as it is and He will help you find the truth.

    I also give you links to testimonies of people I really like:

    Viktor Reznikov – was mortally wounded, died, and God brought him back to life.

    Andrey Berglezov-got into a bad accident, died, but God brought him back to earth.

    Jean Degtyarev is a former rock musician; he was a wicked man, and God changed him.

    Igor Goldansky-God freed him from a 12-year drug addiction.

    May God bless you, as well as all people. God wants all people to be saved and be with Him forever.

  2. Absolute fictions and there is no proof of the existence of the soul, and the ones you might read about are absolute deceptions. For example, in the “yellow press” they often write that people fly out of their bodies when they die clinically, and then they tell you everything as it was. Scientists conducted a simple experiment: they wrote a word on a piece of paper and put it on a locker in the operating room, where you could see the inscription only after flying out of the body. As a result, no such patient has ever read anything correctly.

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