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  1. In fact, we know very little about what the soul really is and whether it really exists. And we don't know too much about consciousness, although here we at least roughly understand what we are talking about. However, if we keep in mind the generally accepted ideas about the soul and consciousness, then these two concepts are not related to each other in any way. Consciousness is, roughly speaking, the highest level of programs that function in our brain. There are low-level programs that ensure the functioning and interconnection of all our internal organs, and are also responsible for reflexes – unconscious reactions to external influences, and there are high-level ones-consciousness, which allows us to realize ourselves as a person and makes it possible to build a model of reality based on our observations using various senses using logical constructions in order to organize and plan our actions in the medium and long term. Example: if someone suddenly hits you, you either reflexively respond or run away, depending on the reflexes you have formed – you don't have time to think and plan your actions, and consciousness is involved to a minimum – this is purely a reflex activity, unconscious. But consciousness will help you avoid unfavorable encounters and dangers or plan how to win them, but this requires time and information. Then our consciousness will tell us how to achieve what we want. It is also consciousness that will help us form our goals and plans for achieving them… However, consciousness is a rather expensive program, it takes a lot of energy, and therefore, when we get sick and the body needs a saving mode, our consciousness can turn off. In general, consciousness is a program operating in our brain and it has nothing to do with any soul. And the soul is, according to generally accepted ideas, a certain entity that identifies our self, regardless of the binding to the body. Some consider it a particle of God, some an information and energy structure, some think that the soul is inherent only in humans or intelligent beings, others say that all living things (and some believe that even inanimate things) have their own soul. The soul is supposed to be immortal in the sense that it does not die with the death of our physical body and continues to exist, but in what form – different religions and scientific hypotheses will give you a completely different answer. However, the soul cannot have consciousness, because the soul does not have a brain, and consciousness is a program of the brain. The soul cannot be turned off for a while, unlike consciousness… I.e., the soul is a certain higher state that is only projected in the real world onto certain forms such as the human body, and consciousness is a function that does not act constantly, but it is the human body and without a body, at least without a brain, (unlike the soul) it can't exist.

  2. The human soul is consciousness.

    After all, the soul of a person is the person himself, his thoughts, mind, memory, consciousness.

    The Bible explicitly says that human consciousness is not in the brain, but in the human soul.

    The beggar died and was carried by Angels to the bosom of Abraham. The rich man also died, and they buried him.

    And in hell, when he was in torment, he lifted up his eyes, and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom

    And he cried out and said, ” Father Abraham! have mercy on me, and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame.

    But Abraham said, ” Child! remember that you have already received what is good in your life, and Lazarus what is evil; but now he is comforted here, and you are suffering;

    (Luke 16: 22-25)

    The brain is just a system of controlling the body, through which the soul controls the body.

    It's like a driver's seat in a car. Without a person, the car will not go, and a person without a soul will not go anywhere.

  3. Consciousness is the result of the activity of the mind.
    The mind, the mind, your thoughts and desires are in the spirit. The soul, in fact, is you.
    The soul is you, your personality, what you describe as your “I”.
    The soul is the breath of life. No soul, no life.
    All living organisms have a soul, but only intelligent individuals have a spirit.
    The body, also known as the flesh – is the physical shell for the soul and spirit.

  4. I think it's better to say that a person has consciousness. And the soul and body are the components of a person, the material and non-material carriers of his mind.

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