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  1. Life goes on and everything changes!The frequency of changing your worldview depends on how extraordinary your every day is.The worldview changes more often for those who are not afraid to develop.There is a general worldview that is acceptable to society,and there is an individual worldview that is based on personal experience and one's own perspective of the world around a particular person.Each outstanding personality has its own personal worldview.The worldview is like a set of tools for a person's life.We can say that we live in order to understand whether my worldview is productive for my life,or whether it is time to adjust it…Over the course of past situations and conclusions drawn, a person's code is formed-his worldview)And the one that deserves everyone's attention is the one that will lead him to complete satisfaction with his life and automatically become an example for others.

  2. Not necessarily within a year. It can change over the course of a lifetime. And it can radically change in a week or a day. The worldview changes when the picture of the world changes. A man lived for himself, was happy in his family, and suddenly found out that his wife was cheating on him, and for a long time. In the former worldview – faith in the family, love for a woman. In the new worldview – disillusionment with family values, up to the complete rejection of the institution of marriage, loss of trust in a loved one and extrapolation of negativity to all women. Changing your worldview is influenced by events and information. And your own attitude to events and information. The fact that for one person it will be a reason to completely change your life, for another can only be a reason to move your shoulder in bewilderment.

  3. First of all, a worldview is a system of views, assessments and imaginative representations about the world and a person's place in it, it is the general attitude of a particular person to the surrounding reality. The worldview may change during the year due to changing weather conditions, but the most powerful changes in the worldview still occur in connection with fundamental changes in a person's life (moving, death of a loved one, obtaining a certain amount of new knowledge, changing the social circle, etc.).

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