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  1. THE MEANING OF LIFE has many levels of depth of understanding.

    The MINIMUM MEANING of life is well known and respected not only by illiterate people, but also by all animals –

    survive and evolve –

    this is the basis for much deeper meanings of life.

  2. The meaning of life exists and does not exist at the same time. A person lives regardless of whether he was born or not. A person is an idea. The idea is indivisible and immortal. The meaning of human life is to be the goal and means of the World Soul. But you don't recognize this as the meaning of your life.

  3. I don't say that, and neither do any of my friends or acquaintances. So your “everyone says” is just words that “adorn” your question. If you didn't understand this when you asked the question, then there is no point in answering it.

    Everyone says there's no point in getting vaccinated against Covid. And everyone gives their own answer. So why not get vaccinated? – If you answer this question, your own will fade into the background, like one of an endless line of similar ones.

    Next time, ask : – Is there a universal meaning of life, and not depending on “everyone”? Such a question implies an answer that is much more informative for you than the actual one asked.

  4. It exists. And this is what all religions and many sages say. Do good, fight evil, develop yourself and improve the world. That's what life is for

  5. Goal setting is one of the main functions of intelligence.

    A person analyzing his own state and the state of the environment develops goals and a system of actions to achieve them.

    Then his further actions make sense: they lead to a certain goal. And a person wants to find the most important – the final goal. But ” cowboy work is never finished.” Goal setting is a constant process.

    And nature has no specific goals, it just exists. And it is impossible to transfer the peculiarities of the human psyche to it. If we consider a person as an element of nature, then there is no sense in his existence.

  6. It is available, but people who are desperate for certain reasons say so, it is more convenient for them, and you, in turn, can find it. The main thing is to be patient and strive forward, being confident in your abilities and capabilities

  7. If you ask yourself what is the meaning of life, then first you need to understand what life is. Not just the life that a person lives like Groundhog Day. This life can just be called vanity. But think about what we live for? Who created us and why? What is the soul and where will it go after death? After all, she will continue to live, she is immortal, and therefore life is not over. And in that world, she will live much longer than here on earth. So maybe the meaning of life is to think about the future life and do everything possible not to get into a place where souls are tormented, but to try to get into the Kingdom of God. This, I believe, is the meaning of life. You need to think about the eternal, because after death it will be too late to think about it.

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