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  1. The question is not quite clear, what does the author mean by the word “space?” If the word space is analogous to void, then one can reason. In our world, emptiness is the origin of all that exists. And everything that exists in this world tends to the original, that is, to emptiness. But to understand the essence of emptiness is not given to a person. Emptiness has nothing to do with time, time is the Maya of man, and emptiness is reality. With respect.

  2. Space is something that has always existed and will always exist, regardless of whether there will be gods, whether there will be a phenomenal universe. Space is eternal and infinite. Neither eternity nor infinity can be understood or imagined by man. Final ( person) he cannot know the infinite.

    According to theology, the divine world is infinite. This means that one cannot fully know God. One can only know the relative truths of its manifestation in our consciousness.

    Time is a category of the physical plane. On the higher planes of existence, time does not exist. Einstein understood this very well.

  3. space is the ordering of things relative to each other. space does not exist as an entity; space exists as a category, principle, concept, or set of rules. This applies to both the space of material things and mathematical spaces.

    things do not exist inside space, they exist by themselves, and in space they occupy space, if one thing is in space, then the second thing cannot be in the same place (space is occupied). those places where things can be located that do not occupy space are called emptiness.

    time is the ordering of events in the existence of things. if things change their location, or change themselves, then the order of these changes can be considered in space-time.

    you can establish a correspondence in the changes of one and the second thing, and distribute them in a common space, then both things will exist in the same time.

    the concept of time cannot arise without the concept of space. the concept of space can exist without the concept of time.

  4. No one really knows anything about this, as the wisest say, but only those who do not know it better than others can explain it to you well enough:)

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