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  1. don't take the Big Bang theory so personally.There are many weaknesses in this theory.Experimental observations show that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic on a large scale, and this is not comparable to an explosive process. Such a state of the observed object is possible only if all the matter of the universe did not arise from a single point, but only simultaneously throughout its entire volume.To explain this fact,a certain stage of the Big Bang was invented, which consists in the fact that the initial singularity suddenly expanded to cosmic proportions in a tiny fraction of a second.It is believed that a certain scalar field provided the expansion of the singularity at superluminal speed,it is also,this field gave rise to the singularity and … disappeared. .Very similar to a clumsy attempt to substitute one nonsense for another.

  2. this expression was invented by people, with their own human logic and experience. The universe is now very poorly understood (compared to its scale). Therefore, I think that not everything is so simple regarding the “beginning and end”.

  3. According to the theory of potentiality, for example, the so-called Big Bang is not an actual event, but a potential one. The big bang, as well as all subsequent events (chains of causes and effects), has never been relevant-they can always be, in potentiality.

  4. 🙂 If you are concerned about such pressing issues, then you should not break your brain, but pay attention to the result of the work of those people who have already broken their brains over these issues before you. Read about gravity, the singularity, and the expansion of the universe. And if you do not want to read literature at all, then for an ordinary person who knows how to think about what he has read and Wikipedia articles about the Big Bang, it will be enough to understand what's what. And starting from what you have read, you can already study the questions that you don't understand point by point. In general, there is no point in reinventing the wheel if it has been in use for a long time.

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